A good base makeup is important for me as I need it to stay in place all day and look flawless. Even when wearing everyday makeup I want something with good coverage as my skin can sometimes look dull and uneven. My skin is combination so I get an oily t-zone and it's dry elsewhere so I can struggle with finding makeup that doesn't slide away in oily areas but also doesn't dry the rest of my skin out.

This is my ultimate setting powder and it locks my makeup in place for hours. It's a translucent powder so it doesn't alter the colour of your makeup and its finely milled so it looks really seamless on the skin. I use this to set the areas under my eyes, forehead and chin as this is where it gets most oily.

If you love glowing skin then you need this setting spray as it has a shimmer running through it and looks so pretty on the skin. It's a really light mist so it doesn't leave those water marks you can get with other setting sprays. It also helps lock in my makeup all day and doesn't end up look patchy.

I was late to the party trying this out but wow it is so damn good and its full coverage which is what I want. It's a creamy concealer that covers my dark circles and imperfections easily but it blends nicely into the rest of my makeup. It has a matte finish so it doesn't crease but it is also creamy enough to not dry out my delicate eye area.

Korean makeup is becoming so big recently and Touch in Sol products are so amazing. This primer creates the perfect smooth base for my makeup application and smooths out my pores. It dries down matte so its great for minimising the oiliness of the my and stopping my makeup wearing away.

This is the ultimate full coverage foundation but it definitely gives my skin that instagram filter. It's definitely an interesting formula and at first it took me a while to figure out how best to apply it, but I have decided a damp beauty blender is the best. The foundation dries matte so it needs very little powder on top, however, my skin still glows even though it is matte.

Compared to the Huda foundation this is more everyday for me. It's a natural finish but still medium coverage and hides my uneven skin tone and imperfections. It has a dewy finish so it looks really radiant on the skin and it's hydrating on the skin. I can see this being my go to in summer as it also contains SPF50 so it's a high level of protection.

This is another really full coverage foundation but it a stick format which I am really loving at the moment. This creamy formula glides on smoothly and buffs out nicely with a stippling brush, it is full coverage but lightweight on the skin. The finish on the skin is seamless and it lasts for ages.

I was a little sceptical when I first ordered this as i'm never sure about pot concealers as I don't find they blend well enough or give enough coverage, but this give amazing coverage and covers all of my dark circles. This has a matte finish so it doesn't crease or wear away easily. Although this is heavy coverage and matte it is still comfortable on my under eye area.

Although this is pricey as it's £20 for just 10ml this is such a dreamy primer and works so well with the Hourglass foundation. It basically puts a veil over the skin and smooths everything out to make foundation apply and look flawless.

What are your favourite base products? 



  1. I really want to try out both the Tarte Shape Tape and NARS Soft Matte concealers! I'm a sucker when it comes to concealer hype, and have heard so many great things about both!

    Pumpkin Lemonade

  2. I'm obsessed with both of these concealers and use them daily :) also recently got the Touch in Sol primer and am loving it so far. Definitely need to try the RCMA once I've used up a few of my current powders

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty