Dupes for famous high end products are becoming more and more available and I love it as affordable alternatives for my much loved products makes everything so much cheaper. The products featured in today's post are some of the best dupes I have found recently.

I actually had the Nyx dark circle concealer first and then when I got the Becca one I realised just how similar they both were. Both are a peach shade which is the best for hiding dark circles and brightening that area. The Becca one is quite a creamy formula with the Nyx one more of a waxy formula. I apply both before my concealer and foundation and both work and look exactly the same so I would say definitely for the Nyx version.

ABH DipBrow has been my ride or die eyebrow product for years but when I suddenly ran out and needed a new pomade ASAP so many people recommended the Freedom one to me. Now I have tried both they are very close in formula and finish and the shade range is pretty spot on compared to ABH with both blonde shades looking exactly the same. The ABH one for me is more creamy and smooth to apply and the Freedom one is more waxy and doesn't glide on as well but I would say if you dont want to pay the almost £20 price tag for ABH then the Freedom one is the next best thing!

Primark Glow Kit | £5.00 for ABH Glow Kit £41.00

Primarks makeup range is really killing it at the moment and there have been some incredible products. Their highlighter palettes, which I think are around £5 now come in a number of different shade selections and are pretty much identical to ABH glow kits. The formula of both of these is similar in my opinion they have an intense shimmer and are really pigmented.

I'm so happy there is finally a dupe for my fave high end mascara and this one from L'Oreal is so similar i'm not sure i'll need to buy the TF one again. Both of these have a fluffy fibre brush in a sort of hourglass design so it can grab every lash but also curl at the same time.I would say the L'Oreal one is a more wet formula so it coats the lashes easier and quicker. Both formula also contain ingredients to help nourish the lashes and not dry them out.

This is probably one of the biggest dupes to come out recently and I think every girl in the UK has been rushing out to buy this. After trying both of these they are pretty much identical for from the full coverage, blendable formula to the doe foot applicator but they are quite large ones so they cover the area quickly. One tiny difference I have noticed between these two is that the Shape Tape one still stays full coverage when blended out but the MUR one does blend out a bit too much so I need a bit more product.

I didn't intend to but the L'Oreal one as a dupe but once I got it home I couldn't help but notice how similar they were which is great as I love skinny dip. Both are a glossy formula with a golden tint to it and a shimmer running through it, I would say Discoball is slight more pink compared to golden nude of Skinny Dip. Both are perfect worn on their own or layered over a lipstick and they have a good amount of lasting powder.

Even down to the packaging of these you can see how similar they are and the liquid highlighter trend is big now so it's no wonder MUR bought out this dupe. Both of these are intense shimmers and you really don't need a lot to go far, I would say the Cover FX one feels more luxurious to apply and looks more seamless on the skin but there isn't anything bad about the MUR ones.

What are you favourite beauty dupes?



  1. I absolutely love dupe posts! I'm definitely going to go out and grab the L'Oreal mascara, as I've been dying to try the TF offering for ages now as everyone raves about it! Fab post :) xo

    Char |