Working a full time job and one that can sometimes mean me needed to leave house way before 7am I need to have quick an easy makeup products that can be throw on. However, just because I am rushing for work doesn't mean I want to slack on my eye makeup so these quick and easy products to throw on are my go to's.


Dupes for famous high end products are becoming more and more available and I love it as affordable alternatives for my much loved products makes everything so much cheaper. The products featured in today's post are some of the best dupes I have found recently.


Today's post is features some of the new beauty bits I have picked up before and after Christmas. At the moment i'm not really buying too many makeup products as our house being built nears closer and I need to get saving lots of money, however, I have still picked up a few new bits recently and especially some drugstore products I have been wanting to try.


A good base makeup is important for me as I need it to stay in place all day and look flawless. Even when wearing everyday makeup I want something with good coverage as my skin can sometimes look dull and uneven. My skin is combination so I get an oily t-zone and it's dry elsewhere so I can struggle with finding makeup that doesn't slide away in oily areas but also doesn't dry the rest of my skin out.