When using a concealer I need it to be brightening and good coverage to help conceal my dark circles. My collection is a lot bigger than this but these are the ones I reach for often as they give me everything I need. I like to mix it up between drugstore and high end as you can always find gems in both.

I only have a mini of this at the moment and I have almost finished it but I will definitely be buying the full size then. This is the ultimate coverage concealer and my dark circles are gone straight away with this. It's a creamy formula in a tube but I do wish it had a sponge applicator as at the moment I apply it with my finger, however I can get right under my eye. Once this is set with a powder is stays in place all day.

This is the concealer I got for when I want my under eye to look extra bright and radiant. I have to layer it on another concealer for the coverage as I find once this is blended out it doesn't give me the coverage i'm looking for. This is brightening for the eyes and also keeps that area hydrated.

I am a long time lover of this concealer and I have gone through a lot of tubes of it. This is a really light weight concealer but a good amount of coverage, and it contains Haloxyl to help reduce the puffiness of the eyes so its great if you're looking tired. 

I've heard lots of mixed reviews about this but I actually like it and it works for me. This is a thick and creamy concealer so its really great coverage and brightens my under eye. Although its quite heavy it doesn't look cakey on me and it stays in place all day. It has a matte finish so it doesn't crease as easily but I still set with a powder.

This is my go to concealer for when my skin is feeling dry as it contains coconut water so its super hydrating. This is creamy and thick so it covers my dark circles and imperfections but also doesn't feel or look heavy.

I'm so happy I have finally tried this concealer and it really is a game changer. It's full coverage concealer that blends well and looks flawless on the skin. I love the applicator on this as its large so it covers my under easily and applies a good amount of products. This is probably my number one concealer at the moment and i've just ordered the Makeup Revolution new concealers as they are apparently a dupe for Shape Tape.

Before Tarte Shape Tape this was my number one concealer and for a pot concealer is applies so nicely. It's creamy and blends well into the skin but dries down matte so it hardly creases. This is so lovely to wear as it creates a flawless look but also blends into the rest of my makeup.

What are your favourite concealers?



  1. all of these look amazing but im still yet to try the maybelline eye eraser but ive heard so many good things about it xx

  2. I feel like such a bad blogger that i have never ever used Shape tape haha

    Andrew James -

  3. I really want to get my hands on Tarte Shape Tape - I'm so curious about the formula that seems to have instantly wowed so many people!

    Pumpkin Lemonade

  4. I am a massive fan of the Bourjous Radiance Reveal concealer - you're right in saying that it's not the best for the coverage side of things, but does make your under eyes look hydrated and brighter!
    Amber |

  5. I adore the Naked concealer by Urban Decay but Im almost out of it so I want to try the Too faced Born This Way one next time.

  6. You've got some good gems here! I've been loving the Kat Von D Lock It for extra coverage - it is creamy and blends really well but covers everything without making my under eyes cakey! I'm yet to try Tarte Shape Tape, it's on my back up drawer hopefully will work wonders for me too! xx

    Mary Bloomy

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