I have very long hair that gets a lot of abuse from heat and dying and I recently had my whole hair bleached to take me to a silver platinum which took it's toll. I'm always hunting for new products to help keep my hair looking and feeling healthy. As soon as I saw this new L'Oreal range it peaked my interest and I had to get my hands on it.

The Dream Lengths range is designed to help keeping hair in good condition and reduce the need for the frequent haircuts needed with long hair. The products contain Keratin, Vitamins and Castor oil to help detangle hair and reduce the need for brushing which can cause more breakage.

The range includes shampoo, conditioner, a mask and a no haircut cream and Boots currently have 3 for 2 on haircare. The range also has a good price point, the large shampoo and conditioner are £4.99 and the most expensive item is the No Haircut cream at £5.99.

The smell of the range is one of my favourites, it has quite a sweet fruity scent that I can still smell a day or two after washing my hair. I have used the mask a few times since getting it and especially after having my hair bleached and once dry it felt so much softer and it was easier to dry as it didn't get tangled or knotty. The no haircut cream has also done wonders for my split ends and they have definitely been reduced. It is gel like cream so it doesn't make the hair feel heavy or sticky like some serums can, once dry my hair has a soft and silky feel to it and those dry ends have been reduced.

Have you tried this haircare range?



My life recently has involved buying beds, sofas, plates and everything else you could need for a new house and at the moment it is mostly the boring essentials I have picked up. However, I do have a long list of pretty things I want to pick up and fill my house with, I am also taking inspiration from accounts on Instagram as there are so many gorgeous accounts that have given me so many ideas. The theme of my house is going to be lots of white, grey, powder pink, gold and splashes of green which is probably like so many other people out there right now.


Say hello to the new love in my life - The Soft Glam Palette. As soon as I saw this palette I knew I had to have it. ABH is one of my favourite makeup brands and their Modern Renaissance palette is one of my cult beauty products and since the Soft Glam is in the same formula as it, I knew it would be a winner straight away.


If there is one thing I own a lot of, its makeup brushes and I begin to realise this when it comes to the huge task of cleaning them. Although I do own a lot of brushes I have my favourites and today's post is going to be a full face of makeup with just 5 brushed. For the purpose of the post I haven't included eye brushes as I only wear mascara on weekdays when i'm at work.


I have always been a lipstick gal and gloss used to remind me of being younger when your mum would let you use makeup for the first time and it was pink glittery gloss. However, recently I have really gotten into glosses and there are some incredible ones out there now, I also love a gloss as I get really dry lips and these don't dry them out like lipsticks can. Today's post is a round up of all of those I have been loving.


Recently I have been trying to switch up my skincare and use some different products to see what they can do for my skin but also since I seem to have so much skincare that needs using. Night time is when I can really get into a skincare routine as in the morning I just about have time to cleanse, moisturise and apply my makeup. So here is my everyday night time skincare routine.

This is my next step after removing the bulk of my makeup with a wipe and yes I am a bad beauty blogger who still uses wipes, but I find them so easy to remove heavy makeup and they don't irritate my eyes like oil and balm cleansers. Even though I use wipes I always cleanse after and this cream cleanser from Jurlique is so soothing on the skin but also removes residual makeup, dirt and impurities. It contains rosehip oil to rebalance and restore the skin and helps keep it hydrated.

Eve Lom Cleanser | £55.00

I got a mini version of this in the Space NK sale a few months ago and I have been loving it, I love a balm for melting away my makeup as it really just grabs everything leaving my skin clean and refreshed. This has a smooth formula that massages easily into the skin and is removed to reveal moisturised and soft skin. Even though this is super expensive I am so tempted to buy another pot as its such a lovely cleanser.

Glossier Balm Dotcom in Birthday | £10.00 

I get super dry and sore lips and these Glossier lip balms are so lovely at moisturising and keeping my lips hydrated. I love the Birthday version as it has a slight shimmer to it so it's perfect for everyday use also to add something pretty to the lips. When I apply this over night in the morning my lips are soft and plump and the dry patches have disappeared.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel | £18.00

This isn't a product I use every night but once or twice a week it is amazing at clearing up my skin. This peel is one of those disgustingly satisfying products as you really see the dirt and dead skin peel away on your hand. You massage the gel formula onto your skin and it gently peels away all the dead skin to leave a more youthful looking complexion.

Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream | £2.99

I don't like to use anything too heavy around my eye area and this lightweight cream is perfect for keep that area nourished and moisturised. I apply this at night and in the morning my eye area is soft and brightened.

Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It Facial Scrub | £9.00

This is another intensive treatment as it contains AHA fruit acids, these help dissolve the glue that keeps dead skin cells stuck to your skin so this scrub helps remove them. I apply this to my t-zone a few nights a week and it helps minimise excess oils and dry skin patches that I get around my nose. It is quite a fine scrub so it works on my sensitive skin and doesn't irritate it too much.

Glam Glow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment | £39.00

This is billed a hydrating mask but I like to use a light layer at night time as a moisturiser as it really hydrates my skin and it looks plump in the morning. The formula is a gel/cream tester that sinks nicely into the skin but in the morning you can still feel the moisture and hydration. 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs & Rosewater | £11.00

I like to spray a facial spray on my skin right before bed to add some more moisture to sink in over night. This one from Mario Badescu is really refreshing on the skin, it contains herbal extracts and rosewater that both refresh and revive my tired looking skin. 

Have you tried any of these products?



I have realised recently I now own way too many foundations but I have so many favourites. I still love drugstore and recently there are some amazing ones at affordable prices but sometimes you just can't go wrong with a splurge on a high end one. I find that high end foundations just have that luxury feel to them with better packaging and formulas.


Working a full time job and one that can sometimes mean me needed to leave house way before 7am I need to have quick an easy makeup products that can be throw on. However, just because I am rushing for work doesn't mean I want to slack on my eye makeup so these quick and easy products to throw on are my go to's.


Dupes for famous high end products are becoming more and more available and I love it as affordable alternatives for my much loved products makes everything so much cheaper. The products featured in today's post are some of the best dupes I have found recently.


Today's post is features some of the new beauty bits I have picked up before and after Christmas. At the moment i'm not really buying too many makeup products as our house being built nears closer and I need to get saving lots of money, however, I have still picked up a few new bits recently and especially some drugstore products I have been wanting to try.


A good base makeup is important for me as I need it to stay in place all day and look flawless. Even when wearing everyday makeup I want something with good coverage as my skin can sometimes look dull and uneven. My skin is combination so I get an oily t-zone and it's dry elsewhere so I can struggle with finding makeup that doesn't slide away in oily areas but also doesn't dry the rest of my skin out.


A serum or facial oil has become a must in my skincare routine and especially at nighttime when it has time to work on my skin and really help. My skin can often feel dry and dehydrated so applying a serum/oil before my moisturiser really helps combat that and in the morning after sleeping on it my skin feels soft, supple and plump. Here are the products I have been favouring recently.


Glossier is a brand that has been on my radar for a while now but until last October you had to order from the US and customs fees drive me made so I hesitated about ordering. They finally launched their UK website end of last year and I kept filling my basket but not ordered. I finally took this plunge this year to place an order and started small so I could trial the ordering process and the products themselves.


This year is the start of some seriously saving and a spending ban for me as i'm buying a house that is due to be ready in May and then I will be forking out monthly for a mortgage. Although I won't be spending too much money a girl can dream about the products I'd love to try and this year there are some stand out products being released and others that I have been wanting to try forever.


I was sorting through my makeup collection recently and realised I own way too many eyeshadow palettes so I don't think i'll be buying more anytime soon. You can probably sense from this collection of palettes that I tend to go for neutral palettes and I wear these type of shades everyday. This post features all of the new palettes I have been using a lot recently.


When using a concealer I need it to be brightening and good coverage to help conceal my dark circles. My collection is a lot bigger than this but these are the ones I reach for often as they give me everything I need. I like to mix it up between drugstore and high end as you can always find gems in both.


I love highlighters, anything with a shimmer that will make my skin glow is a must for me. That means I am always buying highlighters and my collection is pretty big right now. This post is all about the new highlighters in my collection and the ones I am using a lot at the moment.


The January blues are real and they are hitting me hard at the moment. The cold weather and depression after christmas are tough at the moment and they are not helped by the fact that my parents are heading to South Africa for 4 weeks soon and I'll be stuck at home in the cold. This year is going to be a big one for me and my boyfriend as we are buying a house and it's just a waiting game for it to be built, we have been given a date for May so it's now a waiting game and lots of saving to do. Today's post is some of the tips I am using to help get me out of this rut.


This is one trend i'm happy is around and hope it stays. I'm a massive highlighter fan and now I can add that to my lips with all of these gorgeous lip products that can be added to other lipsticks or worn on their own. These come in a metallic, shimmer and holographic look and really add something different to lips.


I don't buy as much new skincare as I do makeup but I do like to change up my routine and try out new products. Today's post is a run down of the products I have been recently trying out and helping me combat the recent breakout i'm having due to all the bad foods this Christmas.


In 2017 I really expanded my makeup collection and tried lots more from some brands that have now become favourites of mine, including Tarte, Becca, Huda Beauty, Jouer and many more. Next year there are a number of brands I have tried a few bits from that I need to try more from and others on my radar that I still need to try products from.