My Huda Beauty collection has grown considerable over the past few months as she has brought out so many new releases that really have wowed me. She started out with a line of lashes and if you have ever seen her own you'll understand why she is the queen of lashes, then came the Lip Contours and Liquid Lipsticks and now their is eyeshadow palettes, foundation, primer and highlighting palettes.

This is a recent release of hers and as soon as I saw them I just had to have them. I had wanted her Desert Dusk palettes but at over £56 is was a little too pricey. The good thing about these is that although the palettes are small the eyeshadows are full size and when compared to her larger palettes you can see this. I have the Warm Brown, Mauve and Smokey editions as these are all shades I wear and the Electric one is a little too bright for me.

These are a pencil that can be used as both a liner and an all over lip colour. This can define lips for lipstick application or can be a more natural hint of colour to the lips. These are creamy to apply with hydrating ingredients that don't dry the lips out and stays in place all day.

This is my favourite formula of liquid lipstick as it isn't one that dries completely matte and is creamy on the lips. This has a feather weight feel on the lips and you really feel like you have nothing on your lips, it applies smoothly like a gloss and then dries matte. The longevity is okay but it does need reapplying after eating or a few hours.

I have recently got the Huda foundation after this post was written and this is the primer that is meant to be perfect to go with it, I got mine in the Cult Beauty free gift. This is a nourishing primer that glides onto the skin and to create a velvet smooth base for the foundation application.

As I said earlier I am a big fan of the liquid mattes and so this nude set is perfect for me. They are minis but still a good size and you can try out different shades before buying the full size. In this set you get Crush a beautiful, cool-toned pink, Girlfriend, an apricot shade, Wifey’, a dusky pink shade and Sugar Mama, a mauve pink. My favourites are definitely Wifey and Crush.

I obviously had to get my namesake, Samantha, lashes and they are everything I look for in lashes. They have a wispy style that can be worn for both day and evening use, they have quite a thick lash band so can be a little heavy but I get used to them. Gisele is another style I have recently tried and they are such a lovely everyday lash style. They taper to the outer corner for the feline look and aren't as thick as the Samantha ones so are really comfortable.

These are a new release from Huda and in good timing for Christmas as they would be the perfect stocking filler. The fun lip shaped tin contains a lip contour, a mini liquid matte and a mini lip strobe. There are 4 different tins all with shade combinations that work perfectly together.

Have you tried any of these Huda products?



  1. You must try the Desert Dusk palette - it is amazing!!
    Amber |

  2. Ive seen so many people give the primer a bashing because of the scent/thickness etc. But I LOVE IT!

    Courtney | Lashes and Luxe

  3. These new huda beauty eye shadow palettes look so gorgeous, especially that warm tone palette. I'm still loving my Desert dusk palette.

  4. those eyelashes look incredible xx

  5. I really want to try out the Liquid Matte formula - am tempted to pick up one of the mini sets so I can test out a few shades at once!

    Pumpkin Lemonade