Colourpop have been absolutely killing it with their new releases lately and their eyeshadow palettes are so amazing and at a really affordbale price point. I did say at one point I would stop ordering from them as I was sick of the customs fees but I really haven't been able to resist. Their eyeshadows palettes are priced between $16 and $26 depending on how many eyeshadows and to me that is amazing as the formula of these is amazing and you get a good amount of eyeshadows.

This was their first release and sold out pretty much straight away, I managed to get mine the second restock and I was not disappointed. This palette is a warm collection of reds, oranges, golds and bronzes. It is mainly mattes with three shimmers, I found the mattes to be quite powdery but they do blend well. I tend to favour the shimmers as they are so buttery and pigmented.

This is a gorgeous mauve toned palette, with a mix of plums, bronzes, taupes and pink shades. Their are 12 shades in the palettes with 6 mattes and 6 metallic shades. I have found that the formula of the eyeshadows in this one and the mattes are more pigmented and buttery. This palette also comes with a handy mirror, which is why its priced a little higher.

This palette is from the second collab with Karrueche Tran and it is as amazing as the first collab she did. The collection is titled Fem Rosa and you can see from the collection this is a gorgeous palette of floral, rose themed shades in matte or shimmer finish. It contains soft champagnes, dusty roses, mauves and corals. 

I definitely love this palette and it's a totally me selection of shades with lots of golds, browns and bronzes. This is probably one of my favourite palettes not only from CP but in my collection as these are the type of shades I wear everyday and create a simple bronzed smoky eye. This palette has more shimmers than mattes which is makes me happy as I love the formula of the shimmers, they are so pigmented and look beautiful on the eyes.

One of the more colourful palettes from CP, with bolder shades in a matte, shimmer and duo chrome finish. This palette includes a pop of pink, golds and bronzes, a shimmery lavender and some earthy shades. The duo chrome finish of the gold, bronze and purple shades really looks beautiful on the eyes and catches the light.

This palette was released on Sephora originally to celebrate them now being available there  but it was launched on the Colourpop website a few weeks ago and I jumped at the chance and got it. This 15 shade palette features the most glittery and pigmented eyeshadows in lots of jewel toned shades. If you're a big fan of pigmented and glittery eyeshadows then this is the palette for you as it contains golds, peaches, bronzes, silvers and purples that look great on their own or with other matte eyeshadows.

Do you own any of these eyeshadow palettes?



  1. All of these palettes look so pretty! I'm yet to try any of the ColourPop pressed shadows but have heard so many good things about them. Will have to give some a try next time I make an order!

    Pumpkin Lemonade

  2. I can't believe how many palettes they've come out with in such a short time, I can't keep up! I want to get at least one CP palette so this post is really helpful in making me decide x

  3. Im obsessed with so many of these, I STILL haven't tried anything from colour pop (what a bad blogger, I know!) after Christmas I can finally spend money on myself again and colour pop is at the top my list!

    Courtney | Lashes and Luxe

  4. Ever since colour pop came out with a powder formula I've been obsessed with them! Especially their eye shadows - I have most of the single shades. I only currently own 'I think I love you' from the palettes but I need to get many many more plus the single blushes that have recently been launched. Dang this strict spending ban in pursuit of saving up to get myself a new Ipad. I am getting serious colour pop withdrawl. Lovely post!