I have been a little slack on my blog this week due to blog commitments but today i'm back with a new wish list post. With Christmas coming near i've been asked a few times what I would like, with buying a house next year I will be getting some money to buy furniture etc. but there are a few small bits I would like too. Being a beauty addict I mainly ask for yes you guessed it, makeup! but their are some other bits I would like too.

This is the annual S&G gift set that comes out each year and they sell it at half price around this time each year, it's a tradition for me to get this each year so i'm hoping I find this years under the tree. The box has a value of £78 and includes Clean on Me Shower Gel, Righteous Butter, Smoothie Star Body milk, Bright & Beautiful Radiance Boosting Mask, Supercat Liquid Eyeliner, Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss and lots of other bits. This years also comes in a handy storage box you can keep.

Kenzo has become a favourite brand of mine recently and their phone cases caught my eye as they don't have the hefty price tag other designer phone cases have. Kenzo have quite a collection of cases but the simple black design caught my eye with the signature tigers head on it. It's plastic so i'm hoping its sturdy enough to stop me from breaking my phone if I drop it.

I have recently tried the ABH liquid lipsticks for the first time and i'm liking them. They are very much a matte finish and at first they did feel dry but with a balm they were comfortable. This set includes 6 full size lipsticks for just £34, which is a steal when the singles are £20 alone. This set is made up of pinks, reds and nudes with an interesting teal shade, but I really don't think I would pull this one off so I would probably giveaway this one shade.

I have wanted to try these liquid highlighters for so long and this set is perfect as you get 4 of the best selling shades in a mini form. The shades are Celestial, Halo, Moonlight and Rose Gold, and from the swatches I have seen the shimmer is so intense and appears gorgeous when applied to the face.

I saw a could of YouTubers try this mask out a while ago and at the time I was so intrigued but it was only available at Sephora, however, Beauty Bay now stock it. Basically it's a mask you apply and then remove with the magnet they supply and it apparently pulls away all impurities with the mask. It comes in two sizes so you can try the smaller one before spending that little bit more on the full size.

My Beauty Blender has pretty much reached the end of its life so a new one is needed soon. This adorable ornament comes with the original sponge and one of their solid cleansers to keep it looking clean. I'm hoping to find this in my stocking as it would be perfect for that.

I'm a massive fan of the Jouer lip toppers and recently picked up the entire set in their holiday minis set. However, this new release really caught my eye and I know it would be one i'd wear all the time, its a pink iridescent type of shade. Beauty Bay did have this in stock, it has recently gone out of stock but im hoping it will be back in time for Christmas.

I have been eyeing this up for weeks and it makes for a great dupe for the Kitchenaids I would really love to have but would never be able to afford. I do a lot of baking at the moment so this would come in handy and would match the copper theme we are having in out new kitchen.

This is a nostalgic perfume for me as I have been having it for years and Fragrance Direct have it on offer, you get the 100ml bottle for just £22.50. This is quite a fruity scent but nothing too over powering and wearable for everyday or at night. It comes in a simple heart shaped bottle with a crown lid and a ring you can remove and wear.

I am now a fan of their liquid lipsticks but I really want to try the new matte lipsticks. This set contain 6 minis with reds, pinks, nudes and a brown shade, all perfect for autumn. Although these are a matte finish i'm hoping their are more creamy than the liquid lipsticks and comfortable to wear.

What are you wishing for this Christmas?


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  1. those cover fx highlighters look amazinggg!! xx