Is it just me or can no one else believe that 2017 is nearly over?! This year has been pretty incredible for makeup releases and products I have finally tried out but my bank balance simply wouldn't let me try everything I wanted. This post is a round up of some of the products that have really wowed me this year.


I love reading what others got for Christmas and although there is some controversy over these type of posts and some think they are bragging, I don't at all. I thought I would share some of the lovely gifts I got with some other recent buys in either the sales and Christmas deals there were going on in December. This will probably be the last of my beauty buys for a while as it gets closer to my new house being built and my money will be spent on buying furniture instead of makeup.


Liquid lipsticks are such a big thing lately and i'm so glad that the drugstore brand are in on that hype. As you can see I have tried my fair share of formulas now so I think I can give a good opinion on these. In terms of liquid lipstick I like a matte finis but one that doesn't dry my lips out lips out like the Sahara desert and won't go patchy.


I love this time of year for makeup releases as brands tend to bring out mini versions of their bestsellers and you can try a products before committing to a full size. Minis are also great, because if you're like me and have a lot of makeup you rarely finish products before they pass their sell by dates and so minis mean you can use them up quicker and not risk them going stale. This year I have picked up quite a few mini sets and so here is the run down of them.


I don't do these posts often as I sometimes find myself using the same products over and over when I find favourites. I have added quite a few new bits to my makeup collection recently and some have turned out to be stand out products. This post features some new releases and some old favourites I am rediscovering.


Christmas party season is now in full swing and mine is actually tonight so I will probably be wearing a pair of these lashes. I don't have the time to be wearing lashes everyday so it's always nice when I get to dress up and wear a pair. I like to go for ones that aren't too over the time and enhance my natural lashes but also something you can see you're wearing, they also have to have a comfortable lash strip that wont feel heavy or irritate me.


My Huda Beauty collection has grown considerable over the past few months as she has brought out so many new releases that really have wowed me. She started out with a line of lashes and if you have ever seen her own you'll understand why she is the queen of lashes, then came the Lip Contours and Liquid Lipsticks and now their is eyeshadow palettes, foundation, primer and highlighting palettes.


I have been a little slack on my blog this week due to blog commitments but today i'm back with a new wish list post. With Christmas coming near i've been asked a few times what I would like, with buying a house next year I will be getting some money to buy furniture etc. but there are a few small bits I would like too. Being a beauty addict I mainly ask for yes you guessed it, makeup! but their are some other bits I would like too.


Colourpop have been absolutely killing it with their new releases lately and their eyeshadow palettes are so amazing and at a really affordbale price point. I did say at one point I would stop ordering from them as I was sick of the customs fees but I really haven't been able to resist. Their eyeshadows palettes are priced between $16 and $26 depending on how many eyeshadows and to me that is amazing as the formula of these is amazing and you get a good amount of eyeshadows.


It's been just over two weeks since my birthday now and this year I got quite a few new beauty bits or I picked myself some up so I thought I would share it all. I have now had chance to try out the products so I can give a review of them at the same time.