When seasons change my nail colour picks update too and I lean more towards dark shades and a bit of glitter for those christmas parties. With a full time job I struggle to paint my nails as often as I like so longevity is also important when i'm picking a nail polish, so i'll discuss that as well as the shades in todays post.

I have a couple of these polishes in more summery shades so I was excited to receive more winter themed picks and ones I know i'll wear! The shades I got are Couture Covet, a dark blue with a moss green hint to it, and Silver Chrome, which as the name would suggest is a silver polish that has a chrome effect on your nails. This is called a weekly polish and I can say that these definitely last for a long time without chipping.

H&M nail polishes are some of my favourite polishes and I have quite a few in my collection but this shade is a favourite of mine. This shade is a dark brown almost black shade, I love wearing black polish but sometimes it can be a little too harsh and this toned down dark brown is perfect. These polishes last for ages when I wear them and they have a curved brush that helps get right into the nail bed.

A chunky gold glitter is a must for me during the festive season as it is the perfect party nail. This is a real chunky glitter so obviously a nightmare to remove but it has such a pretty effect. I like layering this over a white or pale pink nail to really enhance the glitter or on top of a red for that festive look.

These are some of my favourite polishes but purely for how pretty the bottles look, they definitely have a higher end look to them but are so adorable. The range of polishes have a number of pretty shades all with a high shine finish. My favourite shade for this time of year is Greige Amoureux, which is a steel grey shade. I find that these although last for a good amount of time and don't chip quickly.

A bit different to the rest of the shades in this post but I had to include a pink shade as I still love it even when it's not summer. This is a muted rose pink shade that is nice and natural for every day use. I find that the Kiko polishes need a few coats to be fully opaque but they last a while with a good top coat.

This was part of a trio I got from Primark but its the perfect gold for the festive season. The muted gold chrome shade can be worn on its own or over another polish. Unfortunately I really wasn't impressed with the formula of these, they are watery and need a good few layers and it chips easily.

What are your top winter nail picks?



  1. These are really pretty nail shades

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Dark berry shades are my fav to coat my nails with when winter and autumn come round. I love your picks too! It’s always nice to add a bit of sparkle with glitter!
    Amber |

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  4. I love the colour of the silver chrome CND nail polish, it looks so pretty! I love adding a glittery topcoat to my nail polish in the run uni to Christmas!

    Molly |

  5. H&M Nail Polishes are some of my favourites too - they're such good quality and the shade range is great. I don't actually have a glitter polish for the festive season so may check out Essie Summit of Style!

    Pumpkin Lemonade