Working a full time job means I don't really get time to pamper myself in the week as I often work late or i'm away with work, so a weekend is the time I pamper myself. I love nothing more than relaxing with a film on a treating my skin to a good face mask, or having a long soak in the bath. Other ways I pamper myself are some fake tannings as lets be honest life is better with a tan and to keep my hair looking luscious I'll use a nourishing mask.

Glam glow definitely do some of the best face masks and although they are a little pricey they really work on the skin. This one works a dream for me when my skin feels tight and dry. The mask has a tingling effect when applied but nothing unbearable, although I wouldn't recommend rubbing your afters if you've just used it as when it gets near your eyes it can sting. It's a creamy formula with a gorgeous sweet smell and can be used as a mask and then removed or as an overnight moisturiser, which is what I favour. A little also goes a long way with this and I can see the tub lasting me for a while.

This brand is a favourite of mine when it comes to skincare and this mask is a dream for unclogging my skin and getting rid of excess oil. This is a clay mask so it can be drying on the skin and I do have to use a deep moisturiser after but its just great at clearing and refreshing the skin. 

Now is the time to stock up on this beauty of a mask as it is currently on offer for Black Friday at around £16. This is the ultimate mask for hydrating the skin but also deep cleansing at the same time. Manuka honey is antibacterial product that clears the skin of all impurities whilst helping it stay supple and soft.

These masks by L'Oreal are such great masks and an amazing price point. They are all clay based with different skin needs. This blue one is to help combat those pesky blemishes that creep up out of nowhere. There are 3 clays blended with marine algae extract known for its anti-blemish properties. Luckily for me I dont tend to suffer to much with blemishes, however this just clears my skin of even tiny spots that appear.

This is my ultimate pamper bath product as it's so much more luxurious than your normal bubble bath. The honey bath comes with its own honey dipper to swirl under the running water and create the bubbliest bath. It has a sweet vanilla scent and it contains shea butter to leave the skin feeling velvety soft.

This particular scent was a limited halloween edition so is unfortunately no longer available but I have linked the other scents above as there are some other amazing ones there. I love these body butters as they are so nourishing on the skin and leave my skin feeling so soft and smooth. This is definitely more of an evening products as its so thick so you'd struggle to get jeans on with this.

I dont fake tan half as much as I used to and it's much more a treat recently, although as I write this I am currently an oompah loompah covered in fake tan. This is my number one fake tan as its the only one that I find stays on for a number of days and gives that natural tan look rather than the orange look you can sometimes get with fake tan.

I am totally obsessed with this mask for helping bring my hair back to life after damage from hair dye and straightening. The mask you apply before washing hydrates, reduces breakage and strengthens the hair. After using this my hair feels so soft and brought back to life.

What are your pamper favourites?



  1. The Antipodes Aura mask has been on my wishlist for ages! I'd love to pick it up in the sales but have already spent way too much money shopping the sales elsewhere... I do have a few face masks to get through already though, so will have to have a good pamper sesh soon!

    Pumpkin Lemonade

  2. I rarely fake tan, but when I do, I also use the St Moritz ones, I think they're some of the best.
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk