When seasons change my nail colour picks update too and I lean more towards dark shades and a bit of glitter for those christmas parties. With a full time job I struggle to paint my nails as often as I like so longevity is also important when i'm picking a nail polish, so i'll discuss that as well as the shades in todays post.


This is probably one of the most hyped up palettes of the year and also extremely hard to get hold of. The collab between Jaclyn Hill and Morphe has been talked about a lot and its initial release in the US sold out instantly as did the one in the UK on beauty Bay. I luckily managed to pick mine up on its Beauty Bay launch, although I did have to sit in a virtual queue.


Working a full time job means I don't really get time to pamper myself in the week as I often work late or i'm away with work, so a weekend is the time I pamper myself. I love nothing more than relaxing with a film on a treating my skin to a good face mask, or having a long soak in the bath. Other ways I pamper myself are some fake tannings as lets be honest life is better with a tan and to keep my hair looking luscious I'll use a nourishing mask.


Since it's Black Friday tomorrow and the huge shopping sensation has reached the UK I thought I would share some of the deals that will be available in the UK and US deals you can order to the UK. Now that Black Friday has reached the UK massively I tend to go a bit crazy each time and spend a small fortune, this year I will be on the hunt for homewares mostly but I may treat myself to a few small beauty purchases. 


I swear at the moment there are so many different formulas of lip products around it is hard to know what to choose and whether it will work for you. I am a bit of a lip products addict so have quite a few different formulas and finishes. There are liquids, lipsticks glosses and pencils and every different finish you could ask for. Today i'm sharing some of my favourites and the brands that I love.


My makeup is collection has grown yet again and I have picked up some amazing new bits recently so I thought they were worthy of a post. This time of year is great for makeup release as all the Christmas releases are out and they are either brand new limited edition products or minis so you can try out products before buying the full size.


Although this season is all about those plum and red shades I'm not always brave enough to wear something like that and find that berry pink is more of a me shade. In todays post I will feature lots of lovely berry shades in lipstick, nail polish, blusher and eyeshadows. I find this shade so easy to wear and it can either been worn naturally for an everyday look or enhanced with a smokey eye for a night out.


A shimmer eyeshadow is my favourite look and especially this time of year, with christmas parties you can't go wrong with a shimmer look. I have found you can get much more of an impact with a liquid eye product as it lasts long and the shimmer appears more intense. So todays post is me sharing some of my favourite cream/liquid eyeshadow products.


It's been a while since I have done a full drugstore makeup look on my blog and since there are so many amazing affordable products out at the moment I thought it was a good time to do one. I am finding so many gems of products in Boots and Superdrug recently and because they are affordable and normally on offer my collection has grown quite a bit. That means that whilst before I wouldn't be able to find every products I need in the drugstore I now can and a full face of makeup is easy and good quality.


It's that time of year again and all of this years holiday releases are dripping through and MAC's range is out with it all selling out pretty quick. MAC theme their ranges each year and this is one of the first years myself and i've heard many people say that is is their best yet. It's called the Snowball collection and the packaging is very pretty gold, rose gold and silver snowflake style.


As soon as I heard Maybelline were releasing a collab with Gigi Hadid I knew it would be a good one. This palette was released about 3 weeks ago in an online exclusive with Boots and it sold out pretty much straight away but I managed to grab it. The rest of the collection is available now from Boots and Superdrug and I'm already eyeing up some of the products.


Now that we are in full blown winter with the darker nights and cold weather is very much acceptable to wear my most full coverage foundations again. This is a dream for me as I love and need full coverage but in the summer months it can be too much with the heat. Today's post will feature my full coverage collection and my thoughts on them.


This time of year is great for the beauty world as all of the Christmas released are now out and all my money could disappear on these fabulous products. I love these type of sets as they normally minis of some of their best selling products so you can try them out. Today's post is featuring some of the best ones I have spotted over the past few weeks but the list is really endless of how many amazing releases there are.


I love a good pamper evening with a face mask and a peel off one gives my skin that refreshing feeling. I do sometimes struggle with these masks as my skin can get sensitive when peeling them off but these are great at unclogging pores. Todays post features some I have loves and some not so much.