There are so many monthly subscriptions out lately, from beauty to sweets and even dog food now. However, some can be quite gimmicky and others really are quite useful and this is where Friction Free Shaving (FFS) come in. I think everyone is guilty of using a razor for way longer than they should, I know I certainly have used one until it pretty much doesn't shave anything any more.

It works by sending you your razor in you initial order with 4 sets of blades and then another set of 4 blades every month after that. It basically means you can change your razor head every week, giving you one less thing to worry about and you can rest easy knowing that you're not going to be shaving with a blunt or bacterial infected razor.

There are three different options you can choose from depending on your budget and the quality of razor you want to use. Here are the three options:

The cheap and cheerful option in my opinion, it has a simple plastic white and pink design so still very appealing and quite heavy so you can get good grip and control. It has a vitamin E moisture strip and a rubber guard to help lift the hairs and then slice them clean off you. You still get 4 new blades per month but these have only three blade strips.

If I hadn't been kindly sent the next option I will mention obviously this one would have been a go to, of course its my namesake so I would kind of need it. This is definitely a more luxurious and very blogger esque pick with a pretty copper handle with a rubber strip for an easy grip. This has the vitamin E strip and rubber guard to get as closest shave as possible but also 5 blades to help slice away every hair and a pivot to glide over your bodies curves. 

This is their newest launch and probably the prettiest and most photographable razor I have ever seen. The rose gold metal handle is nice and sturdy and heavy so it doesn't slip out of your hand. I was given the opportunity to have mine engraved so hopefully thats an option for everyone. This has all the benefits of the other two but a 6 blade head so you know that every hair will be gone. This is the most pricey but its up their with some of the expensive razors on the market and with this you don't have to worry about buying new ones.

FFS give you the option for a monthly and bi-monthly subscription, I personally prefer the bi-monthly one as I don't shave my legs enough to warrant a new razor every week, especially now its winter and my legs aren't likely to be seen by many people. You can also cancel your subscription at any time or postpone for one month if you haven't used all of that months razors.

An optional extra they do offer is a monthly subscription of shaving cream, their contains manuka honey, shea butter and coconut oil to not only keep your legs smooth and moisturised but help the razor glide even easier over the skin. This is £6 per month and is the perfect accompaniment  to your razor subscription. 

Will you be subscribing to Friction Free Shaving?


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