blonde haircare picks

I did a similar post to this last year (here) but I thought it was time for a refresher as I'm always discovering products to help keep my coloured hair in good condition. Now that my hair is ombre it isn't such an issue for me to have it done as often which i've found has kept it in better condition as bleach isn't on it as often. There is also the bonus of no concealing dark roots, however, I still need to use blonde treatments to mend my broken strands and keep the blonde looking as good as possible.

I was so happy to see a product that helps keep the brassiness out of my hair but also looks after it as the same time. You basically spray this on wet hair before blow drying and it helps keep hair looking and feeling soft, strong and healthy. With the purple tone to it has it helps tone out that brassy yellow look blonde hair can sometimes get.

I have quite thick hair and when its been blow dried it ends up looking quite frizzy. This spray help tame my hair and make it look nice and shiny. I spray this onto my hair either after blow drying and before straightening or after straightening. After using this my hair instantly feels soft and silky and gets rid of that dry and brittle feeling my blonde hair can sometimes get like.

A silver shampoo is crucial when maintaining blonde hair for me. My hair has a tendency to sometimes look quite yellow and brassy which is not the look I'm going for and this shampoo instantly minimises that. I like this one as it gets rid of the brassiness but doesn't add too much of a purple tone like other. It also contains wheat proteins and vitamin B5 to help moisturise the hair.

This is my go to treatment for when my hair is feeling beyond repair as it really transforms it in a short space of time. This is a treatment targeted at dry, porous and thirsty hair as its said to be like your hairs daily 2 litres of water. This is a mask you apply for just 10-20 minutes and then wash off, after my hair is instantly soft, strong and shiny. I have tried both the extreme and normal versions and have to say I haven't noticed too much of a difference in the two but I think if you have really dry hair go for the extreme version.

This is probably one of the only products I constantly repurchase and always will. Using heat protection is one job I quite often forget to do but because I notice such a difference with this product I use it all the time. This has a blend of oils to de-frizz, tame fly aways, prevent breakage and just make my hair feel in incredible condition.

What are you haircare picks?


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