3ina makeup

3ina is a relatively new brand to me and I only heard about them about 6 months ago. I did think they were mainly brightly coloured makeup and colours that you couldnt really wear on a daily basis but I have no discovered they have some lovely bits and they are super affordable too.

This is a big trend I have seen lately and one lots of designers used on their models at the latest fashion weeks. This is definitely a more out there look for me but the soft mauve pink shade still keeps it natural. I do like the look of this and it looks really pretty but I'm not 100% sure I like the feel of it on my eyes.

This was one of my first 3ina products I tried and it definitely showed me how lovely the products are. This palette is a unique selection of shades including, a silver, gold, turquoise and mauve pink. I have found these to be intensely pigmented and a tiny amount on the brush goes so far. 

As I said earlier 3ina are known for their bright makeup picks and this eyeliner shows exactly that. This bright sky blue is quite a stand out shade and so I actually have yet to use it as I haven't been brave enough to wear it. I have tried the formula on hand though and this is creamy and glides on easily and dries down so it doesn't wear off or smudge.

I will say I think these are a little expensive compared to the palettes that are only £4 more but for way more shades. However, these are such cute little duos and so many pretty shade combinations. The one I got is a chocolate brown and a silvery champagne to create a quick and easy smoky eye.

I love trying out new brow products and this one hasn't disappointed. I don't using go for powders but this has both a wax and a powder, I define with the wax and then fill in with the powder and it gives my brows the look I'm after. I have the second darkest shade which I did think would be too dark for me but it works. You also get two brushes and a pair of tweezers in this so its perfect for travelling.

I have quite a few of these lipsticks and they are such a lovely formula. It has a matte finish but its creamy and smooth on the lips. Once on the lips it has a velvet look to it and intense pigmentation in colour. The shade in this post is #411, which is a soft rose pink that is a perfect everyday shade.

I am a real big fan of cream eyeshadows and this one is such a pretty shade with a lovely formula. The shade is a rich copper shade so when on the eyes it dries down with a gorgeous shimmer. As this dries down it has good wear time and doesn't smudge or wear off throughout the day. I like to apply this with my fingers so be able to blend well and create a sleek look of colour.

This packaging was so confusing at first as I thought it was a lipstick and kept trying to open it like that before nearly breaking it and then figuring out it was a liquid lipstick. This is an intense red shade and different from my normal pinks and nudes I use in liquid lipsticks. This is basically the application of a lipstick but with the colour intensity and matte finish of a lipstick.

Have your tried any 3ina products?



  1. 3ina is seriously blowing up! They have so many wonderful products

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Never tried anything but I've heard good things about the cream eyeshadows and the lipsticks! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life