The beauty regime of my teenage years was filled with dream matte mousse, blue eyeshadow, Babyliss Crazy Braider and of course So...? body sprays. I think they were the epitome of everything who was a teenager from 2005-2010, however, they have no relaunched with a much more grown up and wearable range. The have launched body sprays, perfumes and dry shampoo, which is all still as affordable as the old range was.

This is a new launch from them and as you would guess is a mix of berry scents that smells nice and sweet but not overpowering. This scent is also perfect to carry on into winter as it isn't too summery.

This is more of a summer scent so I do wish I had it when the weather was a bit better. This is a mix of melon and cucumber so very light and refreshing, it kind of reminds me of a cucumber facial cleanser. 

I love these body mists as they are so handy to throw in my handbag and use throughout the day. It also means I don't have to carry round heavy perfume bottles or expensive ones I wouldn't want to lose. Some of the other scents I'm keen to try are Vanilla Milkshake, White Pearls and Fresh Floral.

Unfortunately I can't seem to find this anywhere online, other than the So website so I have linked that in the hope it will be out soon. This one is a perfume so the scent is more intense and lasts longer. It contains notes of Bergamot, Jasmine , Orange Flower and Vanilla, which are all quite rich and intense but the combination of them all still makes this light to wear. This also comes in a body mist format, but again I can't find it anywhere online so i'm guessing this range will be out soon.

If your looking to pick up some of these new So...? body mists or perfumes they are sold at both Boots and Superdug so check them out.



  1. I used to love So...?, literally used to drench my clothes in the stuff! I really like the Pink Grapefruit scent they have out now too :) Great post!

    Anika xo |

  2. I used to love these when I was in secondary school! Might have to get another one and relive it! X