Juvia's place eyeshadow palettes

Juvia's Place is a brand I have only recently become aware of after seeing it on Instagram and then Beauty Bay launched the collection on their site. The brand is known for rich, vibrant colours that can instantly transport you to the Caribbean. The eyeshadow palettes were what stood out to me as some of the colours were unlike anything I had owned before. 

I was originally going to order from Beauty Bay but the palettes sold out before I got the chance, however, I saw on Insta that Juvia's Place were running deep discounts on some of their palettes so I took the risk and ordered from their US website and anticipated the customs fee. The two palettes with discount worked out to be $40 and then there was $12 shipping, which is around £38. With the customs fee of £18 I got it still worked out to be cheaper than ordering from BB where the palettes are £30 each. I will link the Beauty Bay website below though so it's easier to order.

Although Juvia's Place is known for its brighter shade selection, of course I was drawn to the Nubian Palette. It is the ultimate collection of neutral eyeshadow shades in matte or shimmery finishes. When swatching and using for the first time I was so impressed at the pigmentation of these and especially the shimmers that will one swiped popped straight away. The top row features most of the lighter shades with two mattes and two shimmers, I especially like the shimmers for the brow and inner corner highlights. The middle row is all shimmers and transitions from a light champagne to a deep earthy red. The bottom again is two mattes and two shimmers and is the darker shades that are best for shading and adding depth to a look.

Since I was ordering from their US website I had to pick up one of their brighter palettes and The Saharan was an obvious choice as it had a mix of brighter shades with more wearable ones. Again this features 12 shades in a matte or shimmer finish. The top row of this one is 3 shimmers and one matte and Sokoto the first shade is an instant pop of orange, the other shimmer shades are more wearable but still a nice pop of colour. The middle row is 3 more shimmers and another bright orange matte shade, I really look Iman in this row, which is a pretty iridescent white shade. The bottom row feature two mattes and two shimmers, you get a really intense black shade that is always useful and a matte earthy brown that I love to use as an all over lid colour.

Have you tried any of these Juvia's Place eyeshadow palettes?



  1. I keep seeing these palettes everywhere and they look so beautiful. I think I'd buy the second palette out of the two.


  2. The pigmentation in these palettes are incredible! The shimmer shades have to be my favourite.

  3. Wow, these look amazing. I also really like the colour selection in them. I really would love to try these palettes at some point. Great review!
    Holly x / https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/chronicles-holly-13610625 / http://www.thechroniclesofholly.com/

  4. I'm interested in the Saharan palette, I think it's absolutely gorgeous! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life