Eyebrow products

Brows are one of the most important parts of my makeup routine, if not the most. I find having my brows filled in really helps shape my face and I feel weird leaving the house without them. Because of this it is important I find the perfect brow products and thats what todays post is all about.

This is isn't a products I generally need to leave the house but instead I use most mornings to help prime my eyebrows to keep whatever product I use in place for longer. This is also nutrient rich so it conditions the brow hairs and helps keep them thick and long. I have found since using this my brows are thicker and more full which is great for me as I have quite thin eyebrows.

A clear brow gel is a must in my eyebrow routine as its tidies up all the fly away hairs that I have after applying a pencil or pomade. This is a gel like formula that glides on well and then dries down and keeping my brows tamed.

I dont normally go for powder brow products and I'm still getting the hang of this one but its such an interesting products. Basically this is a pigmented brow product in a tube that you shake and the product go onto an applicator. I find that this is a little too dark for me so I only use it on the arch of my brow to darken it.

Freedom Pro Brow Pomade | £5.00

I picked this one up after having it recommended to me as a dupe for the ABH DipBrow and I have to say its the closest I have come to a match. I wouldn't say it was exactly the same as it isn't as creamy and more of a wax formula but its definitely a favourite of mine. I like that this glides on and defines my brows and also stays in place all day.

Maybelline Brow Tattoo Eyebrow Tint | £12.99*

This is probably one one of the best brow products I have found and it really have transformed my brow routine. This is basically a tint that you apply to the shape you want and then let it dry, the gel like formula is then peeled away to reveal a tint in your desired shape. You can leave this on for a few hours to make the tint last up to 3 days.

L'Oreal Paradise Pomade Extract | £9.99

I was excited when I first saw this released and immediately picked up one to try, although it was the wrong shade and I have ended up buying another. As I have said previously I love a pomade and so this was a must try, this one has quite a waxy formula and it isn't as smooth to apply as i'd like it to be. One good thing about this range is that they have more than one blonde shade so those with pale eyebrows check this out.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil | £3.29

Pencils aren't my favourite product to use but this one has been a constant repurchase for me. This is a thin pencil and one that you sharpen so you can get a sharp point for those hair strokes you want to create. I find that the formula of this glides on easily but isn't too creamy so it looks messy.

Benefit Gimme Brow | £20.00

This has been a favourite of mine for a while and you can probably tell as I still have the old packaging. This is basically a brow setting gel but it's tinted so if you only want a natural look you can use this on its own or it can be layered on top of another brow product.

Benefit Ka-Brow | £20.00 | post

This is one of my go to products if I want my brows to stay in place all day as this stuff really doesn't budge. The wax formula is intensely pigmented so I use it sparingly otherwise it can come across too dark. This comes in a little pot with a handy brush on top if you even forget your normal brush.

Benefit High Brow | £18.50

To give my brows that sharp definition lining my brows is a must and it can normally be done with a concealer but this pencil is in a pale pink shade so it brightens as well as defining. There is a slight pearly tint to this also to help brighten but then do a glow version which is even more brightening.

What are your go to brow products?



  1. I’d love to try some of Benefit’s brow products, but I feel that they wouldn’t have my shade! My favourite brow product is my trusty MAC pencil x

  2. I love Gimme Brow, it's amazing for days that I want my brows more natural! I really want to try more Benefit brow products xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  3. These are some really great brow products!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. These are fab picks! I love the Gimme Brow. I like to alternate between that and the Glossier Boy Brow! One product that I've been using non-stop recently is the ColourPop brow pomade. It's really good!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge