Bicester Village is one of my favourite places to visit for a bargain and whilst most people head there to pick up a discounted designed bag or a pari of shoes, one of my favourite shops it the Cosmetics Company Store. I am sure these are all over the country in different outlet places but i've only been to the Bicester one and it always have an amazing selection of discounts makeup, perfume, skincare and haircare. So here are just a few bits I picked up on my last visit.

I think these were around £12 in the store and they have quite a wide selection of shades to choose, although some were a little out there for me so I veered towards the pinky nude shades. I like these lipsticks as I find them so comfortable to wear and quite natural looks as the colour isn't too intense. I picked up Back Talk, a sheer nude cream, and Nude Beach, a pale coral. These are both quite summery shades so they will be going on holiday with me.

The Estee Edit Eyeshadow Palette

This range has now been discontinued by Estee Lauder so I can't find any of the products online and that is probably why these products were in the store. I actually wasnt aware this was one of the products in the collection but I love the shade selection and how there were in little dues and then the too glittery shades. I have tried these a few times now and they aren't as pigmented as I would like but give more of a natural look. I think this was around £20 down from over £30.

I have quite a collection of MAC lipsticks but never tried their glosses so I thought this mini tube was a great way to try them, I think it was around £7 in store. I got the shade Lots of Laughs, which is a creamy peach shade that I'll either wear on its own or over a lipstick. I have found that this isn't too pigmented or thick but still gives a good amount of colour.

The Estee Edit Lip Flip Shade Transformer 

Unfortunately another product I can't find anywhere online. This does look a little scary in the tube but its not actually yellow, instead its one of those that applies in a colour that will suit your skin tone. You may have seen the Barry M Green one that is like this. When its applied on me I find its quite a pretty pop of pink that isn't too bright but you can still notice it.

Brows products are one of my weaknesses and I buy a lot as I'm always on the hunt for the perfect brow product. I tend to favour pomades and don't really use pencils but I spotted this and it was quite cheap so I thought it was worth a try. The tip is quite chunky so its more for filling in than shaping I have found, as otherwise it looks messy.

Tom Ford is a new addition to the store and I was so happy to see it in there as the products can get quite pricey, I think this was around £25 so quite a good discount. They didn't have many shades and some of the others just weren't for me. I went for True Coral, which as you can tell is a bright pop of coral with a demi matte finish. The pigmentation in this is amazing and it really pops on the lips.

This is one of my fave haircare brands and I always pick bits up from there as there a quite  a bit cheaper. I spotted this primer and I haven't used it before but I thought it would be useful on holiday when my hair get tangled from the pool or sea. This can be applied before drying and styling to help keep hair moisturised and smooth once styled.

I have raved about this product before and always pick up some more bottle at Bicester as these mini ones are around £6 there. This is one of the best heat protection products I have tried and it leaves my hair feeling smooth and soft and prevents split ends forming from lots of heat styling. This also have a sweet scent that lingers in my hair and I can still smell it throughout the day.

Have you been to the cosmetics store at Bicester before?


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  1. Awesome haul! Smashbox products seem amazing, I really want to try some. And that Tom Ford lippie omg gorgeous color! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life