Autumn eyeshadow palettes

I did a similar post to this last year but thought it was worth doing again as I have added lots more autumnal palettes to my collection and they will be used a lot over the coming months. You can probably sense from the photo that warm brows, golds and bronzes are my eyeshadow picks for this season.

I am relatively new to trying Juvia's place but so I have been so impressed with the eyeshadows and how pigmented they are. If you read my post (here) you'll know that I got two of their eyeshadow palettes and the Nubian is the much more wearable, everyday selection. This is the ultimate neutral toned palettes with every brown, beige, bronze and gold eyeshadow you could want. It features 4 mattes and 8 shimmers and I have to say the shimmers are some of the most pigmented i've tried.

I had to give this a mention as not only is a gorgeous selection of shades it smells exactly like chocolate and almost good enough to eat. All of the shades in this are chocolate themed, with obviously browns, bronzes, creams, champagnes and brighter purples all featured. I find that these are nicely pigmented but not overly intense so its more of a natural look.

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette | £41.00 | post

This was featured in last years post but its an absolute favourite of mine and in my opinion is the ultimate autumn palettes. It has the obligatory beiges, champagnes and browns but also has oranges, pinks and reds to fit with the fallen leaves look. ABH are some of my favourite eyeshadows as even the mattes are intensely pigmented and this palette will probably last me a while and you only need a little on your brush.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette | £18.00 | post

Zoeva palettes have become a favourite of mine and it was a close call between this one and the Caramel Melange one about what would be included in this post. This one won with its more earthy tones and is actually very similar to the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette. It has rich browns, soft champagnes and striking purples.

Primark 12 Eyeshadow Palette | £6.00

It upsets me that you can't buy this online but Primark are absolutely killing it with their makeup releases and this dupe for the MAC palettes. I actually prefer the formula of these eyeshadows compared to MAC as they are softer to apply and the pigmentation is very intense. This is a mix of shimmers and mattes in a range of earthy tones.

Colourpop Yes, Please! Palette | $16.00 | post

This palette is a bit more out there than the others in this post but still has that autumn feel with lots of burnt oranges, reds, browns and golds. I have been so impressed by the CP palettes and have now ended up with all three that they have. With the CP eyeshadows I find the shimmers to be very intense but the mattes not so much but they can be built up depending on the look you want.

What are you autumn eyeshadow picks?



  1. I need to get my hands on the Cocoa Blend palette! I heard Zoeva was coming to Sephora but there's no sign of them yet :(

  2. They are all great palettes! Juvia's Place palettes are the thing right now, they are absolutely gorgeous xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

  3. I'm going to be using the ABH MR palette a whole lot this season! It's perfect for fall.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge