Beach holiday makeup bag

So as you're reading this I will have just arrived in Mexico for a week of relaxing and drinking cocktails. My holiday makeup bag is quite important and always a tough choice about what products to take. Since the weather in Mexicos is going to be very hot my makeup picks will be quite simple and a natural glowing look.


Eyebrow products

Brows are one of the most important parts of my makeup routine, if not the most. I find having my brows filled in really helps shape my face and I feel weird leaving the house without them. Because of this it is important I find the perfect brow products and thats what todays post is all about.


Holiday lip picks

You might have seen on my Twitter that I'm heading to Mexico on Friday and I couldn't be more excited, it feels like forever since i've been on holiday and so I can't wait to relax for a week. Heading to a warmer climate means I can bring out my summer lip shades again and these will all be heading to Mexico with me.


Autumn eyeshadow palettes

I did a similar post to this last year but thought it was worth doing again as I have added lots more autumnal palettes to my collection and they will be used a lot over the coming months. You can probably sense from the photo that warm brows, golds and bronzes are my eyeshadow picks for this season.


Golden glow products

Highlights are probably one of my biggest obsessions and a golden glow is a go to look. Although summer is ending and i'll be swapping a bronzed look for paler skin a golden highlighter is always a favourite for me. Today's post features all of those products I use for creating that bronzed goddess look and lots of these will be taken to Mexico with me to use with my tanned skin.


Drugstore haul

I love a good drugstore haul and I don't tend to get the guilt like you can when you buy something more expensive, although what I spend would probably buy a few higher end products anyway. Superdrug and Boots have had quite a few good deals on at the moment so I have picked up quite a few new releases.


Juvia's place eyeshadow palettes

Juvia's Place is a brand I have only recently become aware of after seeing it on Instagram and then Beauty Bay launched the collection on their site. The brand is known for rich, vibrant colours that can instantly transport you to the Caribbean. The eyeshadow palettes were what stood out to me as some of the colours were unlike anything I had owned before. 


Bicester Village is one of my favourite places to visit for a bargain and whilst most people head there to pick up a discounted designed bag or a pari of shoes, one of my favourite shops it the Cosmetics Company Store. I am sure these are all over the country in different outlet places but i've only been to the Bicester one and it always have an amazing selection of discounts makeup, perfume, skincare and haircare. So here are just a few bits I picked up on my last visit.


Today's post is another in my brand focus series and this one is from one of my all time favourite brands - Benefit. I always remember Benefit being one of the first higher end brands I had makeup from and I got their They're Real Mascara in the airport and was amazing at what it was like. Recently they seem to be relaunching a lot of old favourites into new packaging and bring out other new products.


Colourpop have become one of my favourite brands lately and their eye products are absolutely killing. I was a big fan of their Super Shock Shadows but their single pans and new palettes are so amazing and so affordable, so I thought it was time I shared my rather large collection.


I used to do a favourites post every month but the past few just haven't seem to have happened, mainly because I have been so busy lately I just haven't been on top of my blogging and also I found that finding lots of favourites every month was hard. Instead I have decided to do a summer round up post as it seems like summer is officially over and I thought it was time to share the products I have loved over the last few months.


The beauty regime of my teenage years was filled with dream matte mousse, blue eyeshadow, Babyliss Crazy Braider and of course So...? body sprays. I think they were the epitome of everything who was a teenager from 2005-2010, however, they have no relaunched with a much more grown up and wearable range. The have launched body sprays, perfumes and dry shampoo, which is all still as affordable as the old range was.


Colourpop are really nailing it with their launches lately, this year they have bought out single pan eyeshadows, powder highlighters and bronzers, concealers and eyeshadow palettes. As much as I hate ordering from America and the customs fees, I just can't resist these new released and I have places a few orders recently. 


With the weather we are having at the moment it seems summer is pretty much over and so wedding season would be over too, however, obviously weddings are all year round. I attended my first wedding last Friday and so I thought I could share the makeup I picked for the day. For a wedding I try to pick looks that would match what i'm wearing and for this one I wore a yellow floral dress so went for a glowing golden look.