The Ordinary has become massive lately and pretty much everyone I speak to had tried or wanted to try there products. I have tried quite a few different products now and there have been some stand out ones and some not so much. Todays post is all about those products that have stood out to me and I will use again and again.

This was one of the first products I tried from them and have used it non stop since, I have almost finished my first bottle so a new one will be ordered soon. Hyaluronic acid is known for its hydrating properties, this one in particular helps plump the skin without drawing moisture out of the skin. I apply this at night time and in the morning my skin feels fresh.

I'd never really heard of caffeine being used in skincare so this intrigued me and I heard people mention it being a great eye treatment. Studies have shown that caffeine and EGCG, from green tea leaves, both help climate puffiness and dark circles. I apply this at night to my eye area and in the morning my eyes aren't tired or puffy, even with little sleep and my dark circles seem to be fading. The formula is also light on the delicate eye area, although I wouldn't say this is the most moisturising products for the eyes.

When The Ordinary announced they were launching foundation the waitlist was huge and it sold out almost immediately, I ordered mine after it had been out a while and it even took a few weeks to arrive. What I like about this range is that there is a wide variety of shades in either pink, red, yellow or neutral undertones and some even have gold reflects in them, I have this and unfortunately I can't seem to notice the gold running through. This is billed as being full coverage although for me its more of a medium coverage, it can be built up though. It has a semi matte finish that is natural and radiant but not shiny. 

I did underestimate this product at first and didn't expect must from it but its such a lovely moisturising face product. I like this because I can feel it moisturising my face and keeping any dryness at bay but its not thick or heavy so can be worn day to day. The texture of this is almost mousse like so it's light and applies smoothly.

This has been a favourite of mine from the beginning and it's the perfect formula to apply under the skin for makeup application. It smooths out my skin and creates a smooth base for my foundation to glide on to and help keep oiliness at bay. One thing about this is the smell is not the best but I can live with that.

This is one of their newer products and it was a must for me after finishing my Pixi Glow Tonic, this seemed to be the perfect dupe for that. This one is more like a gel formula than the liquid Glow Tonic. Glycolic acid helps exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells to improve radiance and visibility of the skin. Although this might sound intense on the skin I find it quite nice and my skin feels smooth and refreshed after applying.

What are your The Ordinary favourites?



  1. I really want to try some products from the Ordinary, im constantly hearing such good things! Im hoping to few a bits up when i go to London next month!
    Natalie xx

  2. I love the Coverage Foundation! I also just did a post on my blog where I tried out their makeup for the first time. I have to check out your other recommendations!

    xx, The Makeup Feed

  3. I'm loving a lot of these too! I like both foundations from them, perhaps the Serum foundation more, along with their moisturizer and hyaleuronic acid :) I really want to try their primers next!


  4. I got the Natural Moisturizing FActors HA & the Hyaluronic Acid too. I havent tried them yet as I got them few days ago but I am glad you are enjoying them :)


  5. I only have the Moroccan Argan Oil but I find it too greasy, I need to try other products from them!


  6. Great picks! The Caffeine Solution sounds very interesting. I'll have to look into that one!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge