I am obsessed with nail polishes and own way too many. I normally go for high street ones as they are never that expensive and since I use them a lot they run out quickly. However, I have recently expanded my Essie collection so I thought it was time to shade my collection. One thing I will say about Essie if that your if your after their polishes check out Fragrance Direct as they are so cheap on there and they have quite a few shades.

Bikini With A Martini | £6.95

I dont usually like shimmery nail polishes as they remind of something you would have worn as a child, however, this princess pink shade drew me in. Its a soft pink shade with a shimmer to it but no chunky glitter. I like to add this top of a bright pink shade for some sparkle or on its own for more of a subtle look.

Status Symbol | £7.99

This neon pink shade is a favourite of mine for summer and you might have seen me feature it a lot recently. I like this one by Essie as I usually find that you need a few coats for an opaque colour but this one is quite opaque after one coat. This is a reddish pink shade that really pops on the nails.

Bottle Service | £10.95

Another of my favourite summer shades and whilst this is very similar to the last one this is brighter and bolder. This is one of those shades that really enhances a tan. I find Essie polishes last a good amount of time before chipping.

Party On A Platform | £6.95

This is my go to festive season shade as you can't go wrong with a red but I like that it's on the darker side. This paired with the next polish I'm going to mention is the ultimate Christmas Party nail.

Summit of Style | £8.82

I love a glitter nail polish and especially, as I just mentioned, in the festive season. This chunky gold top coat is everything I want at Christmas time. This is just a nightmare to remove though because of the chunky bits.

Cabana Boy | £6.95

This is another shade like the first one with a slight shimmer to it but this is more of an opaque look. This is a pretty sky blueish grey shade. This is part of Essies revival collection celebrating their anniversary with fan favourites being brought out in the start print bottles.

Birthday Suit | £6.95

Another one from the anniversary collection and can you sense that a lot of their fan favourites are pale pastels. This is a very pale cream that is almost white not quite, I like this as I love wearing white nails but this one isn't so much of that tipex look.

Roarrange | £6.86

Orange is my favourite summer nail pick and this neon orange one ticks all the boxes of what I want. The brightness of it complements either tanned or paler skin. I love the name of this too and its very much fitting for how loud the colour looks on your nails.

Peach Side Babe | £12.64

Final one and still a gorgeous summery shade, I think I need to start adding some more wintery shades to my Essie collection. This one isn't as bright compared to the other pinks and oranges and is more of a peachy pastel shade, but still pops on the fingers.

What are your favourite Essie shades?



  1. I love Essie polishes! I also have a quite a collection, but I need to add "Cabana Boy," it's beautiful!

    xx, The Makeup Feed

  2. Ooo, I love your collection. For some reason, Cabana Boy catches my eye the most. I need!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge