It's actually been ages since I last did a proper beauty wishlist post so I thought it was about time. I always have wish lists of makeup and baskets full online just waiting to be purchased. One think I tend to so is write a list of everything i'm lusting over and then if I deserve a treat i'll pick something off the list and go for it, however, impulse purchases do happen often.


So it seems like summer is pretty much over and it may seem like it's the time for berry lips and autumnal eye looks. However, no matter what time of year it is I always love a glowing makeup look. I mention it all the time but highlighter is definitely my favourite beauty product, I own way too many and there are always new ones I need. Other glow giving products I love are an illuminating primer, glowing foundation and highlighting concealers.



I recently did a post about the new in makeup products I had and now its time for skincare. I tend to stick to favourites on skincare but I still love trying new products and especially ones that have some interesting claims. Todays post features both products I have bought and ones I have kindly been gifted, there are stand out products and some that didn't impress me that much.


I am obsessed with nail polishes and own way too many. I normally go for high street ones as they are never that expensive and since I use them a lot they run out quickly. However, I have recently expanded my Essie collection so I thought it was time to shade my collection. One thing I will say about Essie if that your if your after their polishes check out Fragrance Direct as they are so cheap on there and they have quite a few shades.


The Ordinary has become massive lately and pretty much everyone I speak to had tried or wanted to try there products. I have tried quite a few different products now and there have been some stand out ones and some not so much. Todays post is all about those products that have stood out to me and I will use again and again.


It may be coming to the end of the summer and with the recent weather we have had its more like autumn. However, I'm still hoping for a bit more of summer and i'm heading to Mexico at the end of September so i'll be in holiday mode until then. I find the easiest was to change my makeup in terms of seasons is my lips, cheeks and nails and summer is all about those bright and shimmer shades.


It's time for another brand focus on my blog and I thought this American drug store deserved a big mention. Nyx has only recently come to the UK in the past 18 months after Boots, ASOS, Feel Unique and now Cult Beauty started stocking the brand. This is probably more at the higher end of drug store makeup but still very much affordable and good quality products.


I have tried out my fair few of beauty products in my life and there will always been some hits and misses, however, there are definitely some favourites that I will buy again and again. I do think now that there are so many products out there you can normally find a great dupe if something is too expensive or hard to get, so something does have to wow me for me to buy it again but thats what these products did.


Over the past couple of months I have either picked some new products to try or luckily been sent some to try so I thought they were worthy of a blog post. Some of these products are new releases and others are ones I have only recently discovered.


With it being National Lipstick Day on Saturday it inspired me to pick out my favourite shades of my favourite lipstick brand - MAC. For me MAC are one of the back as they have hundreds of shades and a number of finishes and if you can't find one to be suited I will be shocked. My collection of these is pretty expansive and there are lots more shades I want to try but here are my top 5.