I was recently introduced to a brand new online beauty shop that stocks all of those sought after false eyelash and brush brands. is relatively new but still had brands such as Violet Voss, Eyelure, House of Lashes and Japonesque all at reasonable prices. I was give the opportunity to try out some of the products and here is what I picked out.

I've been wanting to try this brand of lashes for ages but I had yet to find a site in the UK that sold them until I spotted them on The lashes come in numerous styles starting at £7.50 and then some other styles at £11.50, these are the much fuller and dramatic lashes. The style I have are more natural but still give volume and length, they get longer towards the outer corner. They have an invisible lash band so its comfortable to wear and don't feel heavy.

This was another brand that I really wanted to try some from, the Ride or Die palette is on my list to try but the lashes also caught my eye. They are all quite dramatic styles in the faux mink style that gives immense volume. I have yet to try these out yet but I can't wait to create a dramatic look with them, I am hoping that because of the fullness of them that they aren't too heavy to wear.

This was probably the most interesting item from my haul and one of those products that seams to big in the beauty world, the original Silisponge sold out almost straight away with a massive waiting list. This is basically like a beauty blender but in a silicone format so the product doesn't seep into the sponge and instead stays on your face. One of the main benefits of this is the hygiene as its easy to clean and wouldn't hold any germs. This is a tear drop design so you can get right underneath the eyes.

Will you be ordering from!



  1. I can't wait to go and have a look through everything. I love finding a somewhere new to shop for makeup and it's been a while since I've found somewhere.

    Lisa | Soho Stripes

  2. I really like how fluttery the Violet Voss lashes look! I defo need to pick some of them up!


  3. wow im deffo going to take a look at the site xx