This is a skincare brand that has been catching my eye for a while when I pop into Boots. There are several different ranges with different ingredients and with different skincare needs. In todays post I have varying products from different ranges. I will give a disclaimer that I have only been trying these for a few weeks and so it isn't a full reviews but these have really excited me so I wanted to mention on my blog and what I like so far.

I really like creamy moisturisers and this is actually what this is. I have tried other vitamin c formulas and they have all been like a gel but this is a rich. nourishing cream but not heavy or clogging up my skin. The vitamin c give a really delicious scent and I actually wish I could use it all over my body. It also contains ingredients like Tomato and Liquorice, which along with the vitamin c help the skin recover from the ageing effects of the sun and environment. This is billed as a night cream but I use it in the day as well as I do really like it.

I am trying to use exfoliators more in my routine as its one step I miss out a lot but I love the way my skin feels after using one. This one is a very fine scrub but it still works on the skin, leaving it feel soft and smooth even after one use. The removal of the dead skin cells helps brighten my skin and clear away any imperfections.

This is a cult product that I have noticed lots of people rave about this and after using it for a while I can see why. I have used this every couple of nights for a few weeks and although its very intense I find that it works. The salicylic acid helps unclog my pores and remove dirt and whilst I do get a few small blemishes straight after my skin is then really smooth and clean.

Compared to the mask I find that this isn't as intense on my skin but it still clears away impurities and excess oils. This is a lightweight formula that foams up and is gentle on the skin. After using this my skin appears brighter and refreshed and feels clear. This combined with the mask means my skin is decongested and the pores have been declogged from dirt and oil.

Have you tried any of these products?



  1. I've been testing out the salicylic acid range and really enjoying it so far! I'm also loving the look of some of the other ranges especially the Vitamin C range! Lovely review!

    Ellie x

  2. I love using the Salicylic Acid Face Wash when my skin is feeling a bit greasy! x

    Maiya |