I'm terrible for always painting my nails and if I have time it can be 2-3 times a week. However, I have found that doing this does my nails no good and they are always chipping, lifting, flaking away and generally not in great condition. I have been trying out a number of treatments for my nails to try and get them back into good condition and this is what todays post is all about.

Using food ingredients in nail care seems to be a big thing now and I have countless products that contain coconut oil but kale is a new one for me. However, kale is known to be an anti-oxidant treatment for stronger and healthier looking nails. I use this as a base before my colour polish and it helps my nails stay strong and keep the nail polish from chipping.

I don't cut down my cuticles often because I was always told not to but when I do I like to use this treatment to soften them and then cut off any excess bits. This treatment contains Jojoba oil and vitamin E to help rejuvenate and soften dry and lifeless skin. Even after one use I can notice a different and my cuticles feels so much better and aren't sore.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat | £6.95

This isn't so much a treatment but a good top coat is key to keeping my nail polish lasting for as long as possible and this one is one I favour. I like this because it isn't too thick so it doesn't take forever to dry but also locks my nail polish in place for days and stops it from chipping.

Barry M Super Mani 7 in 1 Treatment | £3.99

I'm really not sure what the 7 parts to this there is but it does contain things like argon oil, bamboo and vitamin e, which all help hydrate the nails and keep them looking healthy and strong. I either use this on its own with a couple of layers  for an intense treatment or as a base coat and either way my nails are strong and don't break as much.

Renunail Nail Strengthener | £16.40

This has probably been the best treatment for my nails and has really gotten them back into good condition. Its quite intensive where you apply one layer a day for a week and then remove and reapply for another 7 days, this is done for 28 days in total. I have actually only managed 3 weeks because I had a nail appointment but even after that my nails are stronger and don't have the flakey chipped bits they normally get.

Leighton Denny Bare It All Colour Correcting Base Coat | £12.00*

As I said before I paint my nails a lot and this has lead to them having a slight reddish/orange tint to them from all the different colours I use. This base coat helps remove that discolouration but also keep my nails strong.

What are your favourite nail treatments?



  1. Essential oils are really good for nails too and are easy to find fairly cheaply. Some are good at growth where as others will make them stronger, it's worth looking into! I like the products you've mentioned, I'll have to give them a try

    Leah x

  2. I love Sally Hansen, they definitely do an incredible job at nail protecting, you need to try out the Hard as Nails from her, it's incredible! I've wanted to try out the Nails Inc Superfood one for ages, it seems like such a firm favourite! xx