I don't really talk about haircare much on my blog, as I guess it isn't as exciting as a new highlighter or lipstick but its very important part of my beauty routine.Having blonde hair that I straighten/curl a lot needs a lot of TLC to keep it in good condition. I have tried quite a few products to help repair my hair and keep it looking nice and blonde so here are the ones that have really impressed me.

I'm not sure why but this range seems to have been discontinued but I actually really like it. I use this before blow drying and after my hair feels silky smooth and I find that it needs less straightening as its already quite smooth. This also has a lovely smell to it, almost like a holiday.

This is one of my favourites for when I curl my hair as it helps keep the curls in place but doesn't make my hair stiff or that horrible crunchy feeling. It is formulated with rice protein instead of the usual salt so it doesn't get that stiff feeling. I find with this my hair still feels soft and smooth but the curls don't drop out either. I definitely need to try more from Ouai as this and the texturising hairspray I've tried are both amazing.

One thing I hate about being blonde is that yellow tone your hair can get so a silver shampoo is a must. I don't use it all the time as I find that it dries my hair out so probably once a week I use this. This one from Bleach London is a really intense purple that just removes that yellow tone and brightens my hair, I would say be careful though because if you leave on for too long you can get a purple tint.

I really do like this but I wouldn't pay the standard £38 price tag, I think I got mine for like £10 on sale so it wasnt too bad. I like to use this as the last step in doing my hair to smooth any fly aways and make sure my hair keeps straight. It contains a number of ingredients to help my hair shine and look glossy and keeps my hair from frizzing up.

I love to use this when my hair is really feeling dry and lack lustre as its an amazing deep conditioning treatment that I feel literally rebuilds my hair. I lather it all over my hair and tend to leave on for a couple of hours before washing off. This version has a lovely floral scent to it but I do really want to try the new coconut version.

This one is very similar to the Philip B serum but something a lot lighter on my hair. I have very thick hair so I don't always want a heavy serum to add more weight, this is a really light mist but still smooths away all those stray hairs. It also contains Argan oil so I know it will help my dry and damaged hair.

Do you like any of these haircare products?



  1. Really want to try the argan oil anti frizz spray! And I didn't realise the silver shampoo was £6.50, definitely going to pick some up after I've had my hair done! Xx

  2. I definitely need to try the anti-frizz Moroccan oil spray, I bet it'll be amazing for my hair!

    Anika xo |

  3. I've been so keen on trying out products from Ouai. I've heard such great stuff so i need to get moving and try them out! x

  4. I've heard such great things about Ouai products and I really want to try them out.. I have really thick damaged hair and I love a good serum, I really want to try out the Lee Stafford serum now.