If there is one beauty product I think is just as good from the drugstore if not better than high end it's mascara. I have tried my fair few from Boots, Superdrug etc and some have amazing me but others not so much. However, I do think there is a mascara there for everyone and they are all affordable too.

When I first ordered this and looked at the brush I was apprehensive and thought it wouldn't work for me as I prefer a fatter fluffy brush that coats every lash and adds volume. However, this one really coats each individual lash and lengthens them so much. The brush is a curved design with silicone bristles on just one side, this means I can really cost every lash and the hard to reach ones.

This is a favourite of mine but I actually hate the fibres part but I think thats just me as I've never liked fibre mascaras. On this I like the step one that is just a standard mascara but I like the hourglass shaped brush and the volume it gives to my lashes.

This is a new release by L'Oreal and I'm actually a fan of it. I have found that this helps curl my lashes and keep them in place all day. It doesn't quite give me enough volume so I do layer another on top. The brush on this is a chunky silicone one with bristles that spiral up. What I like about these is that there is a few different colours available for something different.

This is a collagen formula that really helps hold the curl on my lashes and some extreme volume that I don't feel like using a second mascara. The brush is quite fluffy and tapered at the end so it can coat those hard to reach lashes. I think this one may be a new favourite for from the drugstore.

I got this as a free gift and wasnt really expecting much because I have been using it a lot recently. The formula of this is quite wet so it coats the lashes quickly and gives lots of length and volume. The brush is also chunky and fluffy which is the style that I like. 

This is my go to for when I have put a lengthening mascara on but it hasn't given me enough volume. Its another wet formula that adds so much volume to my lashes and keeps them looking full all day. Its a silicone brush that stops my lashes from getting clumpy or all stuck together.

There have been lots of mixed reviews about this but I actually don't mind it, it gives me just the right amount of volume for everyday use and doesn't. I'm not really sure about how the shake parts works as mine seems to have the same amount of products whether I shake or not. This has quite a chunky brush but can end up making a mess on my eyelids so I have to be careful.

I have saved my favourite to last and I haven't heard someone that does not like this mascara. It gives my lashes a good amount of length whilst also adding volume and curl that holds in place all day. It has a curved brush that is chunky with bristles all over that really grab every lash.

Are any of these your favourite mascaras?



  1. Big shot mascara is amazing to be honest i love the idea of it! but sad my ultimate fave isnt on here the maybelline great lash! such an awesome mascara


  2. I haven't tried none of those, but I really want to try lash sensational!

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  3. I really wanna try the Miss Baby Roll mascara! I've never used coloured mascara before so it would be interesting to see if I'd like it or not
    Kathy x

  4. The Loreal Miss Baby Roll is on my wishlist, everyone is using this one these days and I read great reviews. Need to try it asap! x


  5. Maybelline mascaras in general are really good and are my favourite

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  6. Really want to try the Maybelline colossal and the Loreal miss baby doll! Great post love x


  7. Never tried any of them, but I recently saw the L'Óreal Baby Doll in my local makeup store and I'm curious to try it!