Hi I'm Samantha and I'm a Tarte makeup addict! Today I have a mini haul for you after I placed an order when Tarte had 7 items for £50 (yes I know there are only 6 here but i'll explain later), and I had to place an order. One thing I love about is like Sephora you can pay tax when ordering so you don't have that stupid Royal Mail handling fee. Their delivery is also pretty quick as it doesn't get held up in customs.

I did have a bit of an issue at the beginning when ordering this as I tried to pay twice on my credit card but it was declined so I used a different card instead. However, the charges then appeared as pending on my account so I thought id been charged three times in total. After speaking with my bank and Tarte luckily they disappeared and I wasn't charged. So I do want to say Tarte handled it really well and got back to be as soon as they could, factoring in the time difference.

This was the main thing that drew me to the set as obviously it's £30 on its own. I haven't actually tried a gel foundation before so I was intrigued, although I will say I can't notice much of a difference in formula compared to others I own that aren't gel. This is a full coverage foundation and a little bit goes a long way so I'm sure this pot will last me a while. This also contains hyaluronic acid so its really hydrating for the skin.

I really rate their blushers and from the ones they had left when this deal was on I decided to go for something a little different. This Rosy Red shade is quite intense and out there so I try not to get too much on my brush as I could look like coco the clown. I definitely think this would look good with pale skin tones or darker ones.

I really liked the idea of this brush with the sponge on one end and brush at the other. The sponge is a pointed style to really get under your eyes and the brush is a narrow but rounded at the top brush to help buff your concealer in. I really rate Tarte brushes as one of theirs is my fave foundation brush.

I haven't really tried many Tarte lip products and if one of the liquid lipsticks was part of this package I would have gone for that so I went for these butter formula ones instead. These are super creamy and pigmented with a slight shine to its finish. The shade I got is pretty much described in its name but its a plummy pinky rose shade that is one of those your lips but better dark shades.

In this offer you could choose from different eyeliner and I was going to try their liquid liner but it was out of stock by the time I went to order. I decided on these clay pots and most of the shades were colours I definitely wouldn't wear so I went for white as I thought it would always come in handy. I have used this along my water line to brighten and enlarge the whites of my eyes. This is also not budging unless you remove with a proper cleanser so I tried to rub some off and it did not budge.

I also got this Unicorn iridescent makeup bag included in the order and its so handy as its a pretty big size. I have been using it for my brushes and anything narrow when travelling. It also helps its so damn pretty, although I can't see to find it on the website to buy! Back to my earlier mention of it being 7 items for £50, I did order a mascara as well but it didn't turn up unfortunately, If this had been a normal order and I paid for everything separately I would have complained but I didn't want the risk of having to pay customs or delivery for it so I just left it. The £50 (£60 with customs) is still way less than what the products where worth so I'm not too annoyed.

Have you tried any of these Tarte goodies?



  1. The makeup bag looks incredible! It's a shame you didn't get your mascara. x

    Jordan Alice

  2. I still cannot believe I have never tried anything from Tarte! Their Amazonian Clay blushers have been on my wishlist for such a long time! xx


  3. i think i really need to get some products from tarte they look amazing xx


  4. Great haul! I've never tried Tarte products but it's a brand that I hope to purchase one day!