As your reading this I'm currently in Barcelona and I will be using some of these summer blusher picks whilst out there. As seasons change my makeup changes too and blusher is one of the main products that I do change to fit the time of year. For summer I'm all about tanned skin, golden highlight and a hint of blush and my favourite shades are corals and pinks to just add a flush of colour. 

This is definitely one of the brighter shades in my collection and I use with caution as sometimes too much can end up on the brush. This is a matte shade in coral pink that is definitely more suitable when I have some colour on my skin. 

Another bright one that only really tends to come out in summer and when I'm not feeling my usual corals or mauve pinks. This is a vibrant pink in a matte finish that can have a powdery look to it so I sometimes add a bit of highlighter over the top. These blushers are definitely some of my faves and are pretty affordable so i'd get yourself down to H&M now.

Im becoming such a fan of theBalm and this blusher is now exception, it adds such a subtle glow but just what I want and need. The shade is a soft peachy, pink in a matte finish. The powder is finely milled so applied like a dream and gives a gorgeous flush to the cheeks.

These Milani baked blushes are some of my favourite this time of year as they give such a luminous glow to the skin. The coral one has a sliver reflect running through it so it really catches the light when on the skin.

Of course this famous Nars shade had to be included in this post as its the most perfect summer shade. Orgasm is a rosy pink shade with a satin finish so you have a slight sheen and glow to it. After using this for a while I can see why its a cult product and you definitely need to try it out.

When I'm after more of a subtle blush I go for this one as it doesn't seem to pick up as much on my brush and isn't as pigmented. Achiote is a coral pink in a clay formula so it lasts for hours on the cheeks. The embossed pattern in the pattern is also totally summer with the leaf print.

Will any of these blushers be your summer go to's?



  1. Cotton Candy looks incredible. I haven't tried any of the H&M beauty products yet but theres a few products that I know I want to buy. x

    Jordan Alice

  2. nars orgasm is just so pretty xx

  3. These are gorgeous blushes! So perfect for Summer. Coralina has to be my favourite out of the bunch!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  4. The baked blush looks like it has so many pretty colours in it! All these blushes look perfect for the summer! Let her Go is such an unusual shade


  5. I have to try Milani and Tarte blushes, they look amazing!

  6. Heard so many good things about Tarte blushes, never tried any of their products! xxx

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