When my mum gave me the option of a city break as my graduation present Barcelona was a choice of mine for the sun and sights but I also knew they had quite a few Sephoras there and a haul is always in order. We actually went to their main one at the top of La Rambla but it was under construction so we headed to another smaller store. I have to say now the UK has a lot more makeup brands available the Sephora in Barcelona didn't have any makeup brands that I couldn't already get, so I did a bit of a mini haul of skincare bits I knew wouldn't be that easy to get in the UK.

Okay so this one is now available in the UK on Cult Beauty but I got mine for around €17 so it was a little cheaper. Everyone has been raving about this moisturiser for stimulating circulation and smoothing out the skin, especially on the bum. I'm always up for trying out a product that is going to give me anything near a Brazilian Booty. I was a little shocked at the size of it for the price as its quite small but hopefully it lasts a while.

I picked these up quickly at the check out as they were €5 (so not really much cheaper than the UK) and it was so hot there I needed to get my hair off my shoulders. I normally go for the hairbands that look like ribbons but I thought i'g give these a go and see if they really didn't leave a kink or give me a headache.

I can't seem to find this on the Sephora website so I have linked it elsewhere but this is one of those checkout buys again - I just can't help myself with those minis. This is a primer that comes in Lavender or Green to neutralise the skin, I have Lavender that brightens sallow skin and evens out the complexion. Its quite a creamy formula that smooths out the skin for foundation application.

The one I have linked above is the Tony Moly one but I think they are both the same as this is what came up when searching for the other. I spotted this one in the Sephora and it caught my attention as i've seen these bubble masks all over Youtube and wanted to try them out. Im not sure how well this works but it apparently bubbles generate as the mask is exposed to oxygen.

This is another I have seen people using on Youtube and wanted to try - can you tell I'm into weird sheet masks at the moment?! With this mask you basically apply a highly concentrated serum and then the rubber mask is applied over the top to lock the serum in place and prevent the active ingredients from evaporating.

Unfortunately the only place I can find this is the Italian Sephora website but you can obviously find it in Spanish Sephora stores. I went for the cocoa one as I'm hoping it will smell amazing. This is a gel like texture sheet mask that I'm hoping will be really hydrating for my skin.

One of my favourite smells and fruits is watermelon so I of course needed this mask and it has the fun print to it. I find that these sheet masks are great if I ever need some added hydration to my skin and to soothe and irritations I may have.

I really didn't need a new primer but I loved the setting powder I have from this range so I picked it up to try. I haven't actually used this yet but I'm hoping from the description it's a silky smooth texture that smoothes out my skin and makes it the perfect base for foundation application.

This was a bit of a panic buy as all I took with me was lipstick and so my lips were in dire need of a nice balm. I actually wish I had picked up some more of these as they are so handy for everyday use. I went for the Goji Berry one that is nice and fruity with a nice reddish tint to the lips.

Do any of you own any of these products?



  1. It looks like Sephora sell so many super cute products! I need to take a visit.

    Alice May Snell ♡

  2. i seriously need to go to a sephora! these things look great xx

  3. The masks are so fun!!