I am so happy that these brands are now available so easy in the UK now and there is no trying to find it on eBay or the dreaded customs fees. Milani and LA Girl for me are fun brands with great products at affordable prices and you can find them in the UK on the likes of Beauty Bay and the also have their own UK websites now, where I'm sure some of the products are slightly cheaper. 

This is definitely a stand out for me and I would even compare it to some high end foundations. It's a full coverage and demi matte finish but it isn't heavy or cakey on my skin, I also like how this still looks flawless after a day at work. One thing I would day about this is that the shade range is awful, I have fair which I'm sure is the lightest but it's definitely more of a warmer mid-tone shade. They do a lightener so you can mix your own shade but that is just effort in my opinion.

This is actually another medium to full coverage foundation that really does help hide all my imperfections and even out my complexion, although I don't find this lasts as long as the LA girl one. This one has a way better shade selection though and there is a lot more lighter shades for fairer skin tones.

Milani Retouch + Erase Light-Lifting Concealer | £11.99

This is one of those products I like but need to use more but I'm really not keen on the sponge applicator of this, I find the sponge too hard it doesn't blend it well so I usually apply and blend out with a brush or beauty blender. Its a medium coverage foundation that covers my dark under eyes but does look cakey or heavy.

Milani Illuminating Face Powder | £11.99

I prefer to use this as a blush rather than a highlight as it just doesn't have enough shimmer for me, although it is okay for applying all over the face to illuminate. I have the Beauty's Touch shade which is a mix of pinks, peaches and corals all in this gorgeous embossed rose pattern.

Milani Rose Powder Blush | £11.99

These are a favourite of mine and one of the main reasons is how aesthetically pleasing they are and look amazing in photos with the large rose embossed in the compact. I have the shade Tea Rose which is as you would expect a dusky rose pink shade, that I find works well with my skin tone. The pigmentation isn't too much and so you don't end up looking like coco the clown.

Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder | £12.99*

I'm sure these are relatively new as I've only really seen them this year but they are gorgeous. The highlight gives more of a dewy glow rather than an intense shimmer which works well for everyday use and for when I don't want as much makeup. I have Sunglow and its a bronzey gold shade, it does work better for me when I'm more tanned so I want to pick up some of the paler shades.

Milani Baked Blush | £9.99

These were one of the first products I tried from Milani and still a favourite now. They are baked formula with quite an intense shimmer that really translates lovely on the skin. Coralina is a orangey coral shade with a silver reflect running through it.

Milani Eye Tech Extreme Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner | £10.00*

I am quite dissappointed with this as I've tried it once on my hand to see what the liquid was like and it dried out straight away. I did try it on my eye after to see if that would work and it was awful, the tiniest bit of black came out and it wasn't a smooth line. I have left it a while and will try and use again but I'm not expecting a lot.

LA Girl Strobe Light Strobing Powder | £8.99

I do really like these and want to pick up some more shades. They have quite a unique formula that is creamy in the pan but looks powder on the skin. I have 110 Watt which is a pale golden shade but with a silver hint to it.

LA Girl Pro Concealer | £3.99

These are definitely a cult product in the beauty world and if you haven't tried it already you need to. I have it in a concealer shade, peach brightening shade and a brown contour shade and they are all so good. The applicator is a tube with a brush at the end so its easy to apply but it does need blending after. They coverage is also really good but the formula is quite thick so don't apply too much.

What are your favourite Milani and LA Girl products?



  1. The LA girl foundation is one of my absolute favourites - I would pay triple the price for it so I love how affordable it is! I need to try some Milani products, they look great. Lovely haul!
    Chloe xxx

  2. I haven't tried yet any of these brands, but I really want to try Milani blushes :)

  3. The Milani Highlighter and Concealer have become my favourites!