With the warmer weather I have switched up my skincare routine to products that keep it hydrated but don't make me oily. I also have quite a few new products that have turned into favourites and will be featured in this post. I'm really into trying out new skincare recently and there are so many new ranges out that I need to try!

This is an absolute gem for me and I don't think I could be with out it now. Its a really lightweight oil serum that you apply at nighttime either on its own or with a moisturiser on top. In the morning my skin feels and looks brighter and revived with added radiance. What I love about this that although its an oil it sinks into my skin quickly and does leave it feeling greasy or sticky.

This is a favourite of mine for when my skin is feeling dehydrated as its a gel formula that hydrated the skin quickly but doesn't feel heavy. It has ingredients like Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean that help boost skin energy and improve my sometimes lack lustre looking skin. This also have a lovely refreshing smell that is summer in a jar.

This is so unlike every other cleanser I have tried to remove my makeup with as its a foam. It's really gentle on my eyes and doesn't irritate at all but still removing all tough makeup and  dirt from the day. I have found the perfect way to use this is to apply on a cotton pad and then wipe across the eye area, in a few swipes all makeup is removed. This is also great for removing glue from false eyelashes meaning they can be reused more often.]

I have been using these every day non stop and my skin is so clear and soft. The pads soaked in Glycolic acid and fruit AHAs to help remove skin dead skin cells and they also contain Aloe to sooth the skin. Even though these contain AHAs they aren't too tough on my skin and can used everyday without an adverse effect.

I think this is one of my favourite products from The Ordinary, its a moisturiser than not only prevents my skin from drying out but also protects my skin from daily grime. It has a kind of odd texture that is a cream but its kind of moussey so it is lightweight on the skin.

Okay this might technically fall into makeup but it also contains ingredients like rose water and green tea that help sooth and protect the skin but also lock you makeup in place. This is  a really lightweight mist that falls lightly on the skin but locks in place my makeup for all day wear. 

I love this in the warmer weather as not only is it great for my skin but it also helps cool it down and refresh. I really like this range from The Body Shop as it brightens my dull skin and it all has an amazing orange scent to it. I do wish the spray bottle was better on this as it not so much a mist but sprays drops of water. I tend to apply this at night if I've had a long day and leave it to work overnight.

Double cleansing seems to be a big thing in the blogging world now but I have always removed my makeup and then cleansed again as I feel like once just doesn't clean my skin properly. This duo in collaboration with Caroline Hirons features a solid cleansing oil to remove tough makeup and then a cream to ensure the skin is clean. It contains a number of ingredients that moisturise, protect and sooth the skin.

This is a new product and a life saver for me during the warmer months as its a gel formula that hydrates my skin immediately. It sinks into the skin immediately but contains to hydrate the skin for up to 72 hours. It contains aloe water that with soothe the skin and hyaluronic acid to help continuously hydrate.

Have you been using any of these products?



  1. I've wanted to try Kiehl's Midnight Recovery for the longest time, I really need to bite the bullet and just buy it :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  2. I really need to buy the Loreal moisturiser. Im running out of my current moisturiser and this one sounds really good for combo skin.