Until a few months ago the only products I had tried from Becca was the highlighters and blushers and as I mentioned in a previous post (here), I had been wanting to try out more Becca products for a while so I have been picking up lots of bits of the past few months. For me Becca is all about glowing and radiant skin and that is exactly what some of these products do.

This is probably one of the only products I had heard of from Becca but it was in a set on QVC with some other items in this post and I'm quite liking it so far. As the name would suggest this is full coverage that literally covers every imperfection and blemish with ease and is so intensely pigmented. This is water based mix so it blends seamlessly and also hydrated my skin throughout the day. This is billed as being full coverage but lightweight and whilst its not that heavy its definitely not something I would say is lightweight.

This is one product I heard raved about a lot before buying it, its billed as being pretty much an Instagram filter but in makeup form. Its a pearly creamy formula that blurs out imperfections and adds a glow to the skin. In terms or priming the skin for foundation I can't say it actually does anything so I do use another primer to prep my skin for that whilst this one adds the glow.

I've been wanting to try this forever and finally picked up in my QVC order and I'm so impressed. I apply this before foundation to brighten my under eyes and reduce the darkness. The formula isn't too thick or heavy so even with foundation and then another concealer on top it doesn't look cakey. Because of the formula you only need a small amount on your brush to cover all of my under eye.

Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette | £48.00

Unfortunately this palette isn't available any more but I'm pretty sure all of these are available in single form. This is probably one of my favourite face palettes as you get two highlighters and 3 blushers to suit every need. The highlighters are Champagne Pop, a peachy champagne and Prosecco Pop, a pale yellow gold, I love the formula of these, they are finely milled but just so intense when applies. The blushers are Rose Spritz, a luminous pinky rose that limited edition, Amaretto, a bronzed mauve pink and Pamplemousse, a bright coral. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the blushes on their own but you can definitely get both highlighters as singles.

I would say this is definitely one of the their cult products, I only have a mini version but I can see this leading to me needing the full size one. This is basically the best product to get that dewy finish your after, especially in the summer time. Opal is a golden peach that will really compliment my skin tone during the summer with a nice tan.

I had heard mixed reviews about this and I have to say I'm still making my own mind up. This is said to help achieve cut glass cheekbones, however, I actually hate using this on my face and rather use it on my eyes for an inner corner highlighter or brow bone highlighter, the twist up pen makes it easy to apply and then I blend in with my finger. I have the shade Champagne Pop, which is a peachy champagne shade much like the highlighter.

This was one of my bargain boxing day sales buys as I got it for half price from Space NK, so unfortunately it isnt available any more, however again I think these are all available in singles. I have linked a similar palette above that appears to be new for summer. This palettes contains Wisteria, a matte soft rose, Songbird, a shimmering peach and Snapdragon, a luminous coral. I have to say these are such lovely blushers and give such a lovely flushed glow.

Do you own any of these Becca products?



  1. these products look amazing!! i really need to try the highlighter from there xx

  2. I love Becca! Their products are just amazing & Opal is what made me fall in love with highlighters haha. I've been using the heck out of Prosecco Pop lately!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  3. Everything looks amazing!!

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