If there is one thing I own way too many of it's makeup brushes, however, in my opinion you can never have too many as there are so many different types for different uses. Out of my massive collection I do have some favourites though and these are the ones I use everyday without a doubt. My collection consists of lots of brushes from the likes of Morphe and Zoeva so expect to see these in this post.

This is my go to brush for wiping away an excess setting powder and applying a light layer of powder to the rest of my face. The brush itself has domed bristles that are quite loosely packed in so its really easy to light swipe powder across my skin without ruining any of my existing makeup. The bristles are synthetic but still so soft and nice on my skin.

I've been meaning to try this brush out for ages as everytime I see someone use it their highlight applies flawlessly. Th diffuser style brush with soft, natural bristles applies highlighter so beautifully over my cheek bones and picks up just enough product to make the highlight pop.

Zoeva #234 Luxe Smoky Shader Brush | £9.00

Zoeva are definitely one of my favourite makeup brands and I would recommend going for one of their set as they are pretty affordable at around £60/£70. This eye brush is flat with a round tip and I tend to use it for packing on lots of shimmery eyeshadow across my eyelid. The natural goat hair bristles pick up lots of the eyeshadow and blend it well onto the lid, whilst still being very soft.

Beau Belle Angled Contour Brush | £59.95 (for the set)

Unfortunately this brush isn't available on its own but the set is pretty great too so I would recommend that. This brush has the softest synthetic bristles that are angled so you can get a nice chiselled contour on your cheeks.

Morphe M502 Round Blender Brush | £6.00

This is my number one go to brush for blending out my eyeshadow, it's quite a fat but super fluffy brush. As this is so fluffy its perfect for blending out my eyeshadow and creating a seamless blend between the colour and my skin. Morphe are another favourite of my brush brands and you really can't go wrong as they are so affordable.

Zoeva #231 Luxe Petit Crease Brush | £9.00

Yet another Zoeva brush but this was from the first set I had and it's still a favourite, I could probably do with replacing it actually. This one of a smaller round brush with a pointed tip, so its perfect for applying a darker crease shade.

Zoeva #126 Luxe Cheek Finish Brush | £15.00

I have quite a few different Zoeva face brushes and lots are my favourites but for this post I have gone for this cheek brush that is amazing for applying blush. It is dome shaped with a flat head so you can pick up lots of product and brush it softly onto your cheeks.

Morphe M562 Tiny Crease Blender Brush | £3.95

When I got this brush I wasn't expecting a lot but this has actually really impressed me. The tiny brush is like a mini blender with long bristles and a curved edge. I use this to add a darker outer corner eyeshadow or for an intense smoky eye.

Morphe R37 Pointed Blender Brush | £6.00

This rose gold collection is so gorgeous and you need to check it out now. This blender brush has tightly packed bristles that help you blend this out well but all pick up product and apply it. The brush is soft and easy to clean so it comes up like new every time.

Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush | £27.00

This is probably my current favourite brush out of all of these and I've been using it everyday. Mine is from the QVC Maneater collection but the one I have tagged is the bamboo one. This brush has a big and fluffy head but the bristles are packed in just right to give my foundation a flawless finish.

Do you own any of these brushes?



  1. I would really love to try Morphe brushes!!

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I love Zoeva brushes, they've always been really good quality and never failed me, the ones you have are such a pretty colour!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  3. I love Zoeva brushes, I use the smoky shader for packing on shimmer too. It works really well wet as well. x

    Megan |

  4. I really want to try Morphe brushes! They always seem to get positive reviews :)

    xo, Liz

  5. I don't own any of these brushes, but from your review it really seems like I should check out morphe and Zoeva brushes! Great post love xxx

    Melina |

  6. Zoeva petite crease is one of my ultimate faves! Think I deffs need some more Morphe Brushes in my life though x

    Olivia / Olivia Roses