Tarte have definitely exploded in the makeup scene recently in my opinion, and especially now that they are stocked on QVC and easily accessible in the UK. They also had 30% off quite a lot of products a few weeks back on their website so I of course placed an order. They then added the Maneater collection to QVC and it had an incredible offer so of course I had to order it, also thanks to Kasie from Kasie Beauty for reminding me of it becoming available. So here is my haul between the two order.

The QVC x Tarte Maneater Makeup Must Have Collection is now unfortunately out of stock so I will try and link all the products separately below. The was just under £44 and as you will see below you get lots of products for your money.

This was one of the products in the collection that didn't really interest me too much but I'm so far impressed. The shade is Kind, which is a pinky mauve shade and one of those that is your lips but better. The lipstick is full coverage with a satin finish and the gloss is amazing on its own or applied on top of the lipstick.

Maneater Eyeshadow Palette & Eyeshadow Brush (OOS)

Unfortunately the eyeshadow palette is now out of stock on both QVC and the Tarte website and I believe it is limited edition so I'm unsure if it will be back in stock. However, its such a lovely mini palette that has a selection seven shimmer and matte shades in neutral browns and pinks. It also has a lovely silvery, champagne highlighter. It also comes with a handy double ended brush with a tightly packed flat brush and a fluffier blending brush.

This mascara is really impressing me so far, it has a thick and chunky plastic brush that really coats every lash and adds lots of volume and length. This also has adorable metallic gold and leopard packaging.

This has definitely been the stand out from the collection for me and i've been using it a lot since the set arrived. This is full coverage and a matte finish so perfect if your heading on a night out and want something to last all day and not ended up looking shiny or greasy. Although this has a full coverage finish it isn't heavy or clogs my skin up like others can.

Another item that has really impressed me from the set and I'm using all the time is this brush, the one i've linked above has a bamboo handle but I'm pretty sure the rest of it is exactly the same. It's a rounded top fat buffing brush that I am finding amazing for giving my foundation a flawless finish and ensuring its all blended in.

This is definitely the least exciting item from the collection as I just don't use pencil eyeliner and so wont get any use from this. I will probably pass it on to my mum as she will probably use it more than me.

Now onto what I ordered from Tarte...

This is basically their best selling mascara but in this incredible Unicorn inspired, iridescent packaging that I will probably keep forever. The brush has bristles and is just the right size for adding volume but not getting all over you eyelid like other fluffier brushes can do. With this one I find its a great base for another thickening or volumising mascara.

Being a highlighter addict this rainbow one definitely had to be mine, and also it has that amazing rainbow effect but the colours are still quite natural and not too OTT. The rainbow features a silvery white, golden brown, pearly pink and iridescent purple, the colours swirl together for a natural shimmery glow. The formula is very powdery to me, almost like its been baked but still a lovely finish.

I was going to go for the larger Pro Glow palette but I thought this on the go version was better to try out first. This contains two highlighters, a pearl shade and a golden champagne and also a matte contour shade. I have found the contour shade and highlights to have lovely pigmentation and translate lovely onto the skin.

These were one of the main products I wanted to try from Tarte and had heard some really good things about them! These clay blushers have such an intense formula that you really don't need a lot on your brush. I went for Achiote which is a coral pink shade and amazing for summer.

Have you tried out any of these Tarte products?



  1. You got some really nice stuff! I love Tarte - they're one of my favourite brands!

    xo, Liz

  2. I really need to try some more Tarte products, I'm kind of gutted I was good and didn't pick up the QVC TSV. The blushers and shape tape are at the top of my wishlist, alongside an eyeshadow palette probably!

    Kristy | thevioletblonde.com

  3. This is a great collection but I haven't tried any of these products. Love their packaging though, so pretty! x


  4. All of these products sound so good! I haven't tried any Tarte products yet and really held myself back during the 30% off sale! But they just had a free shipping event so I finally ordered the shape tape concealer after looking at swatches for about 2 hours, I just hope it's the right shade and as good as everyone says!

    Ellie x


  5. I haven't tried anything from Tarte yet, it must be time to try something! I'd love to try their concealer.

    Alice | alicemaysnell