Hallelujah the warm weather is finally here, I hope it means summer is here to stay now. If there is one product I find is very seasonal that is nail polish and the summer is all about bright pops of colour and especially those shades that can enhance a tan. I am also heading to Barcelona in a few weeks so I will definitely be picking one of these shades as my holiday nails.

I've been trying to figure out where I got this pretty Essie shade from but I really can't remember and have just discovered it in my collection. As the name suggests this is a peachy orange shade that almost leans towards being a pastel shade. I have to say Essie isn't my favourite formula and it can chip easily but the shades are so pretty.

This is one of the more out there shades and I don't wear it that often but a pop of yellow is sometimes quite nice. Bee A Honey is a yellowy orange shade that instantly pops on your nails. This 60 seconds shine for me definitely doesn't dry that quick but the wear time is quite good.

For me winter is all about black nails and summer is all about bright white nails. Yes I know this isn't exactly a white, but this powdery pink shade is so gorgeous and isn't so much like Tipex nails as my mum calls them. The bottles of these are also aesthetically pleasing with the embossed bottle and gold lid.

This is another shade I have discovered in my collection recently and have worn it so many times since. This is very similar to a shade I had from Ricky's in America that has unfortunately ran out. This is a orangey red and the formula is one of my favourites, it's super shiny and lasts for ages.

This was one of my bargain buys during a H&M sale for £1 and I love adding it to a pink nail polish for some added sparkle. Confetti Confection is a barbie pink sheer shade with iridescent pink chunky glitter. One thing with this and every other glitter is that they are so damn hard to remove!

Like the yellow shade green isn't a colour I wear often and when I do I go for more of a mute pastel like this Barry M one. This is from their Speedy collection so its perfect if I want to throw some polish on before heading out quickly as they do dry so quick. This is a mint green shade.

This is actually the shade I'm wearing as I write this post and its an electric blue shade that is just something a little different. Topshop are one of my favourite nail polishes as they hardly chip and they last for ages.

What nail colours will you be wearing for summer?



  1. The essie nail polish in peach side babe looks absolutely gorgeous, perfect summer shade

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. i love the barry m nail polish's especially the jelly ones xx

  3. Great choices! I personally love the Essie shade the best :) Great blog!
    -Jenna <3
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  4. Great picks for Summer I esp love the mint colour! I've just put a copper colour on my nails and i'm kind of loving it