Primark have been killing it recently with all of their beauty releases and some would even rival some very established beauty brands. So of course I have been picking up quite a few bits over the last few weeks. I will have to say though you do have to hunt to find these pieces, my local store rarely gets any of these great bits so I've been stopping by every Primark I pass.

Bronze Highlight & Glow | £4.00

As you can probably tell this is an immediate dupe for the ABH glow kits and whilst the formula isn't the same the Primark version is still pretty great. The Primark formula is soft and intense and adds more of a glow than shimmer. The shade selection is a silvery white, pearl pink, golden bronze and an earthy brown, which is much better for a glowing contour. I really hope they bring this out in more shades as its such a lovely and affordable palette!

Precious Metals Liquid Eyeshadow | £2.00

These are definitely a stand out for me and although I haven't tried any more expensive liquid eyeshadows I would definitely pay way more than £2 for them I have two shades, Copper Dip and Molten Gold and both of the names are pretty self explanatory. I do find these comfortable to wear although they can end up looking a little dry and crispy if you layer too much on.

Precious Metals Collection Complete Face Palette | £6.00

I have guessed the price for this as i've removed the tag but it definitely wouldn't be any more than £6. This palette includes 3 eyeshadows, a contour, a highlight and two lip shades. Out of all of those I definitely favour the eyeshadows and that gold is so gorgeous and intense. The contour unfortunately isn't dark enough for me but the highlight is still lovely.

Pure Glow Highlighter | £3.00

These are another stand out product and one I did have to hunt for but so worth it. There is two shades I have found; Pink Prosecco, a brighter pink shimmer and Champagne, which is probably more of a golden bronze. The formula of these is so intense but the colours would probably work a lot better tanned skin so I'm excited to use these more during summer. They also have this amazing wave pattern that adds some luxury to them and makes them worth way more than £3.

Insta Girl Intense Liquid Lipstick | £2.00

This shade just called out to me when I saw it in store and it is definitely me. I can't seem to find a name of it but its a darker mauve pink shade. The formula is thick and gives an opaque look but it isn't heavy, it also has a satin finish so doesn't dry your lips out.

Primer Water | £2.00

I picked this up after hearing it was a great dupe for the Smashbox one and although i haven't tried that so can't compare this one is okay. However, I haven't noticed anything amazing about it and it doesn't seem to keep my makeup on any longer. I have still been using it though and if I ever get the Smashbox one I will compare.

Body Bronzer | £2.50

I picked up this super size bronzer to take on my holiday later this so I obviously haven't tried it proper yet. However, it's a soft bronzer shade with an intense shimmer on it, although I am slightly concerned that this is just a layer on top and once I'm passed that there wont be a lot of shimmer. Once I have used this on holiday I will report back what its like.

Have you tried any of these Primark beauty products?



  1. Oh my goooosh Primark have really stepped up their make up game! I love the look of those highlighters. The eyeshadow palette looks so nice, in fact, the packaging looks a lot nicer than some high end brands. I didn't realise that the Primark make up is cruelty free so I'll definitely be having a look for these next time I go in! X x

  2. I'm loving Primark beauty too! They're killing it. The glow kit is amazing and so is the liquid shadows. Great post Hun xx

  3. I've picked up a couple of bits which I've been trying out but I haven't managed to track down the highlight kit yet. The palette looks well worth a try too.

    Kristy |

  4. I really need to try some Primark makeup, it seems to be really good! Love the look of the highlighters in particular!

    The Makeup Directory

  5. I've always really liked Primark makeup, I picked up the Bronze & Glow palette at the weekend and love it.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  6. I alwaaaaays find myself forever lurking in the Primark beauty section! You're so right that they've been killing it recently! Thanks so much for reviewing each item in detail - this is a super helpful post and now I just NEEEEED to head to Primark. Shopping trip me thinks! xx

  7. These all sound and look so good! Seriously wish we had a Primark in Canada. Loving the look of the face palette!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  8. Among your bits, I've only tried the highlighters and while I don't own the Champagne one, I've got the Rose Prosecco one and the Mermaid Glow one (an icy white/silver kind of color). I love them.
    But what I'm more in love with are their lip product: their lipliners, their lip kits, their liquid matte lipsticks... Ugh. You're right. Primark are killing it rn. I'm coming all the way from France to London in just a week and I will also be killing it by getting almost all they have to offer x)

    Tissam x | Tissam Est La