I really wish Kylie would stop bringing out killer products as the customs charges are just a nightmare. I had actually been waiting for a Kim and Kylie collab for a while and was expected it to be just be another shade in her matte formula but I was excited to see this new creme liquid lip as that is actually what I'm leaning more towards lately.

The collection was launched about a month ago now and I did think it would be permanent but I can't seem to find it on the website, although I'm sure it will be back soon. The kit is priced at $45 which I'm my opinion isn't that back and makes each liquid lip about £10 each, obviously add customs on top but that still doesn't makeup it extortionate.

The packaging is come of my favourite and it comes in a dusky pink box, that adds some luxury to it for me and looks great on my dressing table. The tube themselves have the iconic Kylie drip but these are in a matte pink with a frosted glass tube and is very signature of Kim for me.

The four shades in the set are of course names after Kim and are all in a pinky nude family.
Kimberly is the first one I was drawn to as it's more of a traditional nude and the one I can see Kim wearing the most out of them all. This is definitely my type of shade and I will be wearing this one the most. Kim is the next and this is much more of a pinky shade with a peach undertone, I have worn this one and its not a shade I normally go for but I actually really like it. Next up with Kiki and I have to say I find this one to be very similar to Kim but more of a rosy pink instead of a peach shade, this is one of those I like to wear everyday as it looks so natural but really finishes off a look. The final one is Kimmie which is quite different compared to the other and a much darker, warmer shade. This is one of those my lips but better shades, although its not one you would often see Kim in.

In terms of the formula I actually love this as I find the original Kylie mattes so drying and uncomfortable for me to wear. These glide on really smoothly and have a slight shine to its finish. You do need a couple of coats to get a full opaque colour but that isn't an issue for me. One think I would say is that these do not last for a long time and definitely not as long as I would like, although I guess that is to be expected with a creme formula. They tend to wear away within a few hours and that even without eating or drinking. However, it hasn't put me off and I actually really rate these.

Have any of you tried the KKW x Kylie liquid lipsticks?



  1. Kiki looks like such a pretty shade. x

    Jordan Alice

  2. Kimmie is right up my street, such a beautiful collection and there is such a nice variety of different undertones! I wish customs wasn't so horrific otherwise I really would try out more from Kylie Cosmetics!xx


  3. This was the first time that I was actually tempted to buy a Kylie product! I would wear all 4 shades! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxurySkincareGiveaway

  4. These nudes look really pretty! Glad to hear the formula is better than the original lipsticks because I found those extremely drying as well.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  5. these shades are so so pretty xx


  6. The packaging is gorgeous.. Kimberly and Kimmie are totally the shades that I would wear.. I like the sound of this new formulation!