It definitely made my week this week when I got the email from Cult Beauty to say this was now available. Huda Beauty is definitely one of my favourite Youtubers and all of her makeup I had tried so far has been a huge hit for me, and being a highlighter addict I knew I had to have this. Huda's makeup always looks so flawless in my opinion and anything that will help me even look a fraction like her I'm all over it.

This is called the 3D Highlight Palette (£40.00) and it contains 4 shades that can all be combined to sculpt and highlighter your skin to perfection. In terms of value this is great in my opinion as you are getting 4 shades for £40 and is pretty much on par with the likes of the ABH glow kits. 

The packaging of the palette is that sturdy cardboard you find with a lot of palettes and whilst I would have preferred plastic this is still strong and will keep the product safe. The front of the palette has Huda herself on with the highlight on and it actually has a kind of holographic look to it as you move it. Inside on the lid it gives you the four steps on how to use the palette to get the perfect look.

She has released two palettes, The Golden Sands Edition and the one I have, Pink Sands Edition, I went for this one as the shades seem suited much more to lighter skin tones. However, the Golden Sands one is calling my name and I think I may want it for the summer season.

As I said before the palette is made up of 4 shades, 3 powder formula and one creamy 'Melted Strobe' formula. In the Pink Sands Edition you start with Capri, which is the creamy formula and you apply this as a base to smooth skin and boost light reflecting particles, this shade is a muted bronze. This is followed by probably my favourite shade, Santorini, the bright pearl white makes the highlight seriously pop when applied on top of Capri from your cheek to temple. The next step is adding dimension and shape with Azores, the soft gold shade, however, I actually prefer to use this as a base highlighter before Santorini. Ibiza is the final step and this is the flush part, the shade is a coral pink shade that is applied to the apple of your cheeks for the flushed look.

As i've mentioned previously the formula of these powders and cream is so incredible. I'm still working on using the cream formula and finding the best way to apply it but the powders apply so nice no matter what brush I use. The powder is so finely milled that is has an almost buttery texture to it, whilst the cream formula is smooth and easy to apply and looks matte when on the skin.

Have any of you picked up this highlighter palette?



  1. These shades are so gorgeous!! x

  2. I am having a hard time applying creamy formulas too, any tips will be appreciated :) Love these shades, so pretty! x


  3. I was tempted to buy this but didn't give in because I couldn't justify another highlight palette - still very tempted though because it's beautiful! xx

    Beautylymin| LuxurySkincareGiveaway

  4. I've been seeing this palette all over Instagram lately and it looks so pretty and I love the packaging! I haven't tried anything from Huda Beauty just yet but I think it's about time I did! Great review and swatches!

    Ellie x

  5. I'm seeing so many brands creating palettes like this lately and it's so exiting! This one looks gorgeous, the packaging is really nice.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  6. These highlighters look gorgeous! Now you have me seriously contemplating if I should get my hands on this!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  7. I really like the shades Capri & Santorini it's really tempting me to pick up the palette.. I love that the highlighters are creamy sounds like they will blend out well