For me priming is a key part of my makeup routine, and yes I know people say moisturising is just as good as using a primer. But I just feel like my makeup stays in place so much better and doesn't end up patchy. My skin is combination and changes due to the weather so I have lots of different formulas so I can switch it up due to my skin on the day. So here are my favourites.

Everyone raved about the silicone primer from The Ordinary but at first I couldn't get hold of that so I ordered this one to try and I have been impressed. This has a really smooth texture that applies nicely and smoothes out my skin for foundation application. Although there is one thing that I can't stand and thats the smell, it is so vile but I can put up with it as I really like the formula of this.

This is one of the best primers I have tried but it is just so damn expensive so I use it sparingly. I find that this literally puts a veil over my skin smoothing out every pore and imperfection and allowing my foundation to glide on beautifully. The one good thing about this is that you do only need a tiny amount do I'm hoping my mini bottle will last a while.

If I'm having a dry skin day then this is my go to as its just so hydrating for my skin. It is infused with coconut water for hydration and keeps doing so all day. The formula of this is almost a creamy gel so it feels nice and moisturising on my skin. Its not the best at smooth my skin but still helps keep my makeup locked in place all day.

This one is an unexpected favourite for me as I picked it up on a whim but its such a good one for evening out my skin tone and adding a glow to it from the light diffusing particles. This formula is smooth and silicone like so it smoothes out all my pores and fine lines.

It's taken me a while to try anything from this range but I'm loving this primer. It's a lightweight silky balm that smoothes my skin out amazingly and minimises the look of any pores. The product has a slight nude tint to it but Benefit says this is translucent, although I feel that it does even out my skin tone.

This is my go to base to brighten my skin tone and help illumination from underneath my foundation. This sheer formula acts a light source on the skin bringing the light in and reflecting it back out. This is a creamy formula that also helps moisturise my skin as well as brightening. I haven't actually noticed it keep my makeup in place for too much longer but is doesn't end up patchy like it can without a primer.

I am a big fan of the Vitamin C range and this is a really lovely products to wear underneath my foundation for radiance and a silky smooth finish. The formula is a smooth almost silicone formula that smoothes out my skin and allowing my foundation to apply smoothly over it, whilst also radiating through my foundation.

What are you favourite primers?



  1. i've heard so many good things about the hangover primer, it looks great and the packaging is so cute xx


  2. Totally agree about The Ordinary primer. So many of their products don't smell great but I put up with it for the price haha! Everyone seems to love the Too Faced primer, will definitely have to give it a try!

    Emma x

  3. I had no idea that the body shop vitamin c range consisted of a primer as well! Definitely want to that that

    Beauty Candy Loves

  4. I've ordered The Ordinary Primer and I'm really excited to try it! I think I'll be glad I went for this one over the silicone one.

    The Makeup Directory

  5. I haven't tried any of these but Too Faced hangover primer and chanel one are on my wishlist.

    Ash | www.mstantrum.com

  6. The hourglass primer sounds so perfect, it's on my wishlist!


  7. Great picks! I see a ton of my favourites in here. The Body Shop primer sounds lovely! I need to check it out!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  8. I've really been enjoying the Ordinary primer recently.. is it weird that i haven't noticed a bad smell to it?! I'm really interested in trying out the Too faced primer as i've got super dry skin