So another month is pretty much over and that means its time for another favourites post. In a way I'm kind of glad this month is over as in June I'm off to Barcelona for a few days and then i'll be seeing Adele at the end of the month so there is lots to look forward to. This months favourites is predominantly new releases but also some products I've been wanting to try for a while and have soon become obsessed with.


If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen me mention that I'm off to Barcelona a week today and I couldn't be more excited. I did say at the beginning of the year I wanted to go on some more city breaks this year and Barcelona was top of my list, also since it has a beach its kind of a mini holiday as I'm not going on a beach holiday this year until the end of September. For me a city break makeup bag is so tough as I own so much makeup its hard to narrow down 


I really wish Kylie would stop bringing out killer products as the customs charges are just a nightmare. I had actually been waiting for a Kim and Kylie collab for a while and was expected it to be just be another shade in her matte formula but I was excited to see this new creme liquid lip as that is actually what I'm leaning more towards lately.


Hallelujah the warm weather is finally here, I hope it means summer is here to stay now. If there is one product I find is very seasonal that is nail polish and the summer is all about bright pops of colour and especially those shades that can enhance a tan. I am also heading to Barcelona in a few weeks so I will definitely be picking one of these shades as my holiday nails.


For me priming is a key part of my makeup routine, and yes I know people say moisturising is just as good as using a primer. But I just feel like my makeup stays in place so much better and doesn't end up patchy. My skin is combination and changes due to the weather so I have lots of different formulas so I can switch it up due to my skin on the day. So here are my favourites.


It's been a good month or so now since my last fashion type post so I thought another was due. I'm actually really enjoying these type of wishlist posts as one of my favourite things to do is browse clothes shops online and dream of all the pretty clothes I can buy. Todays is a summer wishlist since we are almost in June and it's time to switch up my wardrobe. Im also heading to Barcelona soon and Mexico in september so i'll need to stock up my holiday waredrobe. 


If you read my blog a lot you'll know a nude lip is my number one go to lip shade but I do like to throw in a bright pop of colour sometimes. If I'm not wearing a nude a pink will be my next go to so I thought a blog post was due. This post is mainly pinks but there is some other similar sort of shades thrown in too.


Now that summer is almost here and the weather is finally warming up (although it is raining as I write this), I thought it was time to talk through some of my favourite lightweight foundations. Just because these are lightweight does not mean they are a minimal coverage, because if you read my blog you'll know that I'm all about a good amount of coverage.


If there is one thing I own way too many of it's makeup brushes, however, in my opinion you can never have too many as there are so many different types for different uses. Out of my massive collection I do have some favourites though and these are the ones I use everyday without a doubt. My collection consists of lots of brushes from the likes of Morphe and Zoeva so expect to see these in this post.


It definitely made my week this week when I got the email from Cult Beauty to say this was now available. Huda Beauty is definitely one of my favourite Youtubers and all of her makeup I had tried so far has been a huge hit for me, and being a highlighter addict I knew I had to have this. Huda's makeup always looks so flawless in my opinion and anything that will help me even look a fraction like her I'm all over it.


I say this all the time but there is nothing better than a highlighter and I think its one of the main products I couldn't leave the house without. Over the past few weeks I have expanded my collection quite considerable so I thought a post was deserving, although as I write this I has a few more on the way to me or have arrived - as my mum says I'm a highlighter addict. 


Over the past few weeks I have picked up or kindly been sent quite a lot of new beauty products, and whilst some of them will have either already been featured on my blog or will be soon I thought a post on them all was deserving. Some of these have been very recently released and some are ones i'm only just discovering.

TOP 10 UNDER £10

I love high end makeup and there is nothing better than splurging on a lovely piece of makeup and enjoy using it. However, there are so many affordable and amazing products out there that I thought this post was deserving. All of these products are going to be under £10 and most can be found in shops on your local high street. 


Primark have been killing it recently with all of their beauty releases and some would even rival some very established beauty brands. So of course I have been picking up quite a few bits over the last few weeks. I will have to say though you do have to hunt to find these pieces, my local store rarely gets any of these great bits so I've been stopping by every Primark I pass.


Tarte have definitely exploded in the makeup scene recently in my opinion, and especially now that they are stocked on QVC and easily accessible in the UK. They also had 30% off quite a lot of products a few weeks back on their website so I of course placed an order. They then added the Maneater collection to QVC and it had an incredible offer so of course I had to order it, also thanks to Kasie from Kasie Beauty for reminding me of it becoming available. So here is my haul between the two order.