If there is one piece of makeup you can really vary by season that is lipsticks. For me winter is all about berry reds, summer is about bright pinks/oranges, autumn is subtle nudes/brown and spring is rosy pinks. Since spring is now well and truly here, the clocks have gone forward meaning lighter evenings and it is starting to warm up I thought it was time to talk about the lip shades I will be wearing this season. 

Jouer are some of my new favourite liquid lipsticks. Buff, a matte warm peachy nude was my first liquid lipstick after falling for their lip topper Skinny Dip. This is perfect spring transitional shade and is so wearable for every day. One thing I have to say about this is that they are very matte and my lips seems to soak in all the moisture quick meaning they can get somewhat dry after a few hours wear.

Lip Lingerie's are the ultimate selection of nude liquid lipsticks and I actually love the formula of these. They are quite watery but I like that as it gives a really light layer of colour and is almost like wearing nothing at all. Bedtime Flirt is a pinkish nude that has slight brown undertones. If you're a nude lipstick fan like me you need to check out this collection.

I love the CP Lippie Stix for carrying around with me and easy of application, there is almost always normally one in my handbag. The one I will be throwing in there at the moment is Lumiere, a dusty mauve pink with a violet undertone to it, in a matte finish and part of the Kathleen Lights collection. Although it is matte I still find them creamy to apply and not overly drying. I love the narrow tip these have and means you can line your lips first and then fill in.

This was part of a set I ordered a few months ago (post here) and I can't actually find the same one online so I have tagged a similar one. This includes coconut oil so keeps lips moisturised and plump and the formula is super creamy to apply with a slight sheen to its finish. As the name would suggest this is a deep rosy mauve pink.

Topshop are some of my favourite lipsticks and I would say the formula could rival some of MACs, so if you're ever looking for a more affordable MAC lippie check these out. Innocent is a pale, powdery pink in a semi matte formula but still very comfortable to wear. The only thing I would say about these is that the longevity isn't the best and they do need reapplying a few times.

For an everyday lip these soft matte lip creams are some of my favourite. The mousse like texture makes it really comfortable and light on my lips, they have a matte finish but I still find them quite moisturising. Cairo is a very pale peachy nude, that I tend to wear more when I'm not as tanned as with a tan it can wash me out.

MAC Faux Lipstick | £16.50 

Obviously a trusty MAC favourite had to be included. I find that this shade is underrated in my collection and I need to start using it more. It's described as a muted mauve pink in a satin finish so there is a slight sheen to it. 

Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Peony | £19.00

This is another products that I find is underrated in my collection and I tend to use it most at this time of year as it is that perfect spring pink shade. This is a liquid lipstick formula but the tube and applicator and so different from every other liquid lipstick, its a squeezy tube with a sponge like applicator. Peony is a soft rosy pink shade, it coats your lips easily and have a slight sheen to the finish.

Stila All Day Liquid Lip in Perla | £16.00

This is a shade I have been wearing a lot recently and I'm loving how comfortable these are to wear. They have a matte finish but don't dry my lips and out and last for hours, even with eating and drinking. Perla is a pale dusky pink and I would say it has a very slight purple tint to it.

What shades are you loving this spring?



  1. That Nyx lingerie lipstick is one of my favourites! It's such a pretty shade and I'm always wearing it. X
    Kate// itskaterose.com

  2. Buff looks like such a pretty shade. x

    Jordan Alice

  3. You've just reminded me how I need to wear Lumiere more! I've heard so many people talk about Faux but I've never actually tried it before! xx


  4. Faux is one of my all time favourites along with Creme Cup, love MAC lipsticks!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  5. I love the look of Perla. Really need to give the Stila liquid lipsticks a go!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge