For today's post I thought I would talk about one of my favourite quick fix skincare products - the sheet mask. These has taken the beauty world by storm over the past year and everyone seems to bringing out their own version of it. I actually remember trying my first ever one from Sephora and laughing about how much of an idiot I look but now everyone seems to be using these.

This new range by Garnier is centred around hydrating the skin and features pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid and plant serum, all known for their moisturising and hydration properties for the skin. When I use this I can feel instant hydration to my skin and it melts in quickly without a sticky feeling. One thing I do find with these masks is that they are way too big for my face so I have to fold it over.

This is another Pomegranate one for added hydration to the skin. It's Korean skincare so theres the added fun factor to the name and packaging, and I have also found that Korean skincare really is great.

Of course I had to include a Sephora one in here these were the first I tried and places I noticed selling these. This one is a pearl theme to add luminosity to the skin and perfect and brighten the skin. Again with these I find even after removed the product sinks into my skin quickly and adds hydration.

This another brand who I have found have nailed the sheet mask trend and have an extensive collection. This one is tea tree so it balances and soothes the skin, I find that this really calms any redness I have and eliminated irritation my skin will get from daily grime.

I'm so glad a drugstore in the UK has jumped on this trend and bought out a seriously affordable mask that does the job. These ones from Boots are less that your daily coffee and work just as well as the more expensive ones in this post. This one is for hydration and is enriched with hyaluron, known for its hydration properties.

What are your favourite sheet masks?



  1. I love the garnier sheet masks and I find them way too big too I always have to fold them way down my chin.. I didn't realise Boots had one out i'm defo gonna give it a go!


  2. I haven't tried the Garnier sheet masks yet, but I am loving the Tony Moly ones and also I tried some from Nature Republic, the one with shea butter is great and I will definitely purchase more!! xx


  3. I absolutely love the garnier sheet masks, they did such a wonder to my skin when it went through such a dry patch! I have to agree though, it's definitely always too big for my face haha! xx

  4. I'm so excited to hear about the Boots Hydrating mask, this sounds right up my street!

    Alice | alicemaysnell