This month I have been trialling quite a few different products so I thought it was only worthy of a whole post on them. Most of these I have been trying for a weeks now so I can't give some sort of opinion but for skincare and body care I like to test for a while before giving an honest opinion, so expect these to be featured again later on. So here is what I have been trialling.

Skin Doctors

As soon as I read what this could do I had to try it, one of the biggest pains in my life is shaving my legs and anything that will help me do this less often I'm open to it. This is a spray that is designed to discourage the growth of unwanted hair and when hair does grow back it is often thinner, sparser and lighter meaning you don't need to shave as often. As I said earlier I have only been using these products for a few weeks and so cannot unfortunately tell if a difference has been made. I am going to continue to use for a while though and will report back, hopefully with less hair!

Unfortunately for the use of both of these products I don't suffer with either of problems these products are their to fix. Vein Away Plus helps reduce the look of spider veins, it contains a number of ingredients that are known to strengthen vein walls and improve the look of the skin. Ingrow Gone helps prevent the look of ingrown hairs and also prevent them, since I don't tend to suffer I can't report if it has stopped them but I do use this after shaving in the hope that I will never get one.

Evoluderm (available from TK Maxx)

This is the micellar water version of the wipes I mentioned not so long ago (post here) and like I was pleasantly surprised by the wipes I was with this too. This picks up every last bit of makeup I have and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean. This one is designed for combination/oily skin which I suffer with on my t-zone and at the moment I haven't noticed too much of a difference but I'm hoping after a while I will be visibly less oily.

Toning is always the part of my skincare routine I neglect but this products has made me do it more often. This contains rosewater that helps preserve the natural beauty of the skin and sooth and calm the skin. This has a moisturising effect but also helps remove all of those last stubborn bits of makeup and impurities.

The Ordinary

Of course I had to include some more products from The Ordinary as I've added even more to my collection (post here). The acid products is Azelaic which is produced naturally by the yeast that lives on the skin. Like I said in my previous post The Ordinary has no nonsense products and simply state what each product can do to the skin, this one is for improving the evenness of the skin texture and reduce the appearance of blemishes. 

This is definitely my new favourite skincare product and it just feels so good on my skin. This is designed to protect the outer layer of the skin but also to keep it moisturised at the same time. It has a multitude of different products including amino acids, hyaluronic acid and fatty acids, which are all naturally present in the skin but this products helps enhance them. 

I've been trialling this for a good few weeks now and I can definitely say this is a winner for me. The oil draws out all dirt from the skin and removes all of the last bits of my makeup. The oil also helps moisturise and nourish the skin, after using it my always feels plumper and hydrated. I apply this all over my face and normally remove with a damp muslin cloth, you can also apply and then add some water and it will emulsify and can get them rinsed off.

If there was one thing I want in life that is sparkly white teeth, I have always said that one day I want them professionally done but until then I love trying out different at home products. This set from White Wash Labs have taken the blogging world by storm and I couldn't wait to try them. You get 28 strips, so enough to try for 14 days, I have to admit I have been using mine sporadically and not every day as I haven't had the time (I have probably done 4 days in total so far). The strips has a minty taste so they are quite pleasant. They contain a unique oxidising whitening ingredient and even though I have only used for a few days I can notice them appearing slightly whiter. After using there is a slight tingling but I always expect that with whitening products and it isn't uncomfortable.

Have any of you tried out these products?


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  1. I really must try some products from The Ordinary! The moisturiser sounds so good!

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