As soon as I heard that Kylie Jenner was bringing out a range of highlighters (or Kylighters) I got a little excited and knew I had to order some. I always said I wasn't going to keep ordering from her website because of the customs charges but I'm a highlighter addict and couldn't resist these. I luckily somehow managed to snag two on the first day they were available and managed to order without too much issue.

The range features 6 highlighters all to suite different skin tones. They are all named after famous desserts which I love and adds something fun to the range. See below for all of them:
  • Banana Split - vibrant yellow gold
  • Chocolate Cherry - warm coppery bronze
  • Cotton Candy Cream - soft light peach
  • French Vanilla - soft icy gold
  • Salted Caramel - warm midtone gold
  • Strawberry Shortcake - warm midtone pink

It wouldn't a Kylie Cosmetics launch without some controversy and these Kylighters got just that. Whilst I was waiting for mine to arrive I spotted online some videos of people opening theirs to there being now actual highlighter in it. This did make me slightly nervous about mine arriving but luckily mine got here safe and sound and in one piece! I have seen though that the customer services team have been handling this issue well and quickly, much better than the previous issues that have happened with lip kits.

Anyway onto the packaging, I wouldn't rate it and when you are paying for a premium product I always like packaging to reflect the price. These are in a simple cardboard in a colour theme to match each shade. It doe feel quite sturdy though and feels like it will keep the product safe, with a handy mirror inside. The size of these is pretty good though, sometimes pictures can be deceiving and when the products arrives it is actually tiny but these you get a good amount. The pan itself has the iconic Kylie drips pressed into them which does add a little luxe to the product.

I managed to get the shades Banana Split and Strawberry shortcake, I did originally want Cotton Candy Cream but this one in particular seems to sell out very fast. I picked the two shades I went for as they aren't like any others I already owned. I think my favourite out of the two is definitely the pinkness of Strawberry Shortcake, and I love the warm glow it adds to my skin.

Before these arrived I had also seen online some people mentioning they weren't as pigmented as expected when swatched, and I have to say I do agree with the when I swiped my finger in the pan it did not amaze me and I was kind of worried how this would play off on my face. However, these really do shimmer when on the skin and the light makes them pop. I would say instead of an intense glitter its more of a dewy glow that is enhanced by the sunlight.

Overall I'm really impressed with these and for the $22 dollar price tag you can't moan, I also thing that is pretty affordable since some other more high end highlighters can be upwards of £30-40. I will most probably order another one or two and hopefully Cotton Candy Cream when it is back in stock, her blushes has also just caught my eye so I think they might be purchased.

Have any of you tried the Kylighters yet?



  1. I think they could've made the packaging a little more special but the shades are super pretty.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. They are beautiful but I have to say for Kylie's products, I would want something a bit more luxurious packaging wise, but I felt this with her eyeshadow palettes too. Strawberry shortcake I can imagine will look stunning with a tan in the summer time! xx

  3. I'm tempted to try this but its just so much effort and expense getting them to the Uk. Plus I was so disappointed by her Liquid lipsticks. I'm sure i will cave eventually though xx

  4. I'm not really a fan of the packaging tbh, not what I expected but the shades are gorgeous. I haven't tried any of her products yet, definitely have to soon!
    Kathy x

  5. That's great that the pigmentation of these highlighters are good.. I heard that some people were having some issues with theirs! I really like the names she picked for these products.. strawberry shortcake looks like it will be a great shade for spring