I thought it was time I did another one in my series of 'If I could only own 5 of...' This time it is the turn of blushers and I have to say for me they aren't my favourite or key part of my makeup routine but I still love to use them. Whilst I don't find that a blusher adds loads to my makeup look it's still a nice addition and adds a lovely flush of colour to my cheeks.

This was one of my favourites last year during the summer. These are baked so quite a powdery formula with an intense shimmer, but they add such a lovely flush of colour and glow to my cheeks. Dolce Pink is a soft rosy pink shade with a silver shimmer running through it.

I've been trying out a lot more from theBalm recently and this blush has been a favourite. Frat Boy is a peachy apricot shade that is the ultimate summer shade. It's a matte finish with a velvety smooth texture that applies so nicely to the cheeks. I love the fun factor that theBalm adds to their products and this one has just that with a name like Frat Boy.

I have only recently tried out this Tarte blush but I'm so impressed with it I just had to include it in this post. These are as you can tell a clay formula so have intense pigmentation and you only need a tiny amount for your cheeks. I went for Achiote, which is a rosy pink with peach hint to it. I will definitely be ordering some more of these blushes as they are so lovely.

After seeing Lily from Pint Size Beauty feature this on her blog numerous times I just had to get it. So many brands are featuring ombre in their makeup and NYX have done it perfectly and affordably. I went for Mauve Me which is as you can tell a mauve shade that blends to a soft pink. This has amazing pigmentation and you brush picks up a good amount of powder to add to you cheeks.

This is the ultimate pink blush shade for me and gives my cheeks that just come out of the cold flushed look. Love Cloud is a soft mid-tone pink in a satin finish. The pigmentation of these isn't as intense as others but gives my cheeks just enough colour and I have been using this for well over two years now and its still in great condition and loads left.

What are you top blusher shades?



  1. I love the blushes from theBalm, just the packaging is so cute and lovely. Fab post!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. Love the look of the Tarte blush. I dont own many blushers but my favourites are from the Zoeva coral spectrum palette. Ive not had it for long and its already and essential of mine. X


  3. These are all so pretty! I love the formula of the Tarte blushes so one or two would be on my list too :)

    xo, Liz

  4. I loved the Tarte blushes before I lost the only one I had, haven't repurchased but this has just reminded me of it!
    Kathy x

  5. Haha I wouldn't be able to just choose 5!milani is definitely a brand I would love to try... Such a pity they not found in South Africa
    Beauty Candy Loves

  6. The Milani blushes are amazing, I own a baked blush too and it was my go-to blush last summer, quality is great and the shade was perfect for my tanned skin!!


  7. Love the look of Mauve Me! Such a pretty shade. My favourite blush of all time has to be MAC Harmony.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge