This post would definitely be more suited to the winter but even with the weather getting warmer my skin is still suffering slightly. My skin tends to be oily on my nose and forehead but then ill get dry patches around my nose and also recently on my eyelids (don't ask me how or why!). For my eyelids I did have to go to the doctors again and get a steroid cream but the products in this post did help minimise the dryness.

This is my go to cream for any dry patch I find anywhere on my body and it really does help get rid of it. This is thick, rich and heavy cream that you have to use lightly and I certainly wont be lathering this all over my body. It contains a number of natural ingredients including soothing chamomile, calendula wild pansy and a blend of enriching oils and waxes, which not only sooth and moisturise the skin but also protect it.

This was actually another cream my doctor prescribed me for my dry skin on my eyelids, however, I was kindly sent a bottle before picking it up and it saved me a prescription fee. This is dermatological cream for soothing and moisturising skin with problems such as eczema and sensitivity. Whilst I did use a steroid cream on my eye this has also helped clear up my dry skin and stop my skin from feeling sore and itchy.

If my skin is feeling dry and sore I will reach for this cleanser as its a balm/oil like formula that not only removes every trace of makeup but also moisturised and hydrates my skin. It also contains ingredients like grape seed oil, sweet almond, orange and bergamot that not only soothe the skin but also smells amazing. I lather this all of my face and them remove with a hot muslin cloth and all the dirt and makeup is removed and my skin feels soft and clean.

Whenever I use this cream my skin instantly feels moisturised but it is also lightweight on the skin, so it isn't too heavy of greasy under my makeup. This promised to replenish the moisture in the skin throughout the day and I definitely think that it does that. A little of this also goes a long way so i'm hoping that this pot will last me a long time.

I use this serum most nights, its thick and you can definitely feel it sinking into your skin but I do find that it adds moisture to my skin. Hyaluronic acid is known for its moisturising properties and can't attract up to 1000 times its weight in water. This does have a slightly sticky feel to it once on my face but a small amount of moisturiser on top eliminates that.

I'm really loving this range from La Roche-Posay for easing the sensitivity in my skin, the whole range clinically proven to make the skin less sensitive. This is an everyday moisturiser that provides relief from sensitivity and hydration. The formula of this is still very lightweight and doesn't make my skin greasy or clogged up.

What are your favourite dry skin products? 


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  1. My skin can be so dry at times and it makes me so down, I sometimes wish I had oily skin just so I didn't have to deal with dry patches and my skin looking so aged! I definitely need to try the Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary, I've been using Hydraluron for years and I am sure my skin is too used to it now.

    Alice | alicemaysnell