Over the past few months I have amassed a pretty big collection of Colourpop lip products - this is also excluding the numerous Lippie Stix I have. If you haven't heard of Colourpop before (which is very unlikely), they are a fun US brand that is know for their liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows and highlighters which are all incredible quality at a seriously affordable price point. They have also in recent months started shipping directly to the UK meaning it is now a lot easier for us brits to access the products, minus the hefty customs charges of course.

This post is all about the liquid lip products I have in my collection, including glosses, metals, satins and mattes. CP are pretty famous for their matte and satin liquid lipsticks and some would say they are a pretty good dupe for the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks but at a fraction of their cost - they are made by the same company I have been told though so that isn't very shocking.

Now onto the shades and you'll definitely sense a theme in my collection - Nudes and Pink Nudes! This theme is precent in my entire lip collection as they are the ones I wear the most but I think when I next place a CP order I will try and add some more versatile shades to this collection.

Saddle Up (gloss) -  this is the ultimate summer gloss shade, a bright sheer coral adds a bright pop to lips but isn't too our there.

Weho (gloss) - I really liked the formula of their glosses so of course a nude was needed in my collection, described as a creamy beige this is the ultimate cool toned nudey brown.

Frick N Frack (satin) - this is a shade I hear about a lot from other bloggers and is billed as a bestseller on their website, its described as a rosy terracotta on their website.

Echo Park (satin) - another bestseller from them and this one is a described as a warm peachy nude, but I would say it does have a slight pink tone to it (please excuse the misspelling on my swatch!)

Speed Dial (matte) - this was part of their peach collection and I got this with two others in this post. I would say that this is a warm rich peach shade that has brown undertones.

Salt (metal) - Unfortunately this has now been discontinued by the looks of is as its not on their website. This is a metal lipstick in a dusky rose gold shade.

Tiny Chum (satin) - another discontinued line I'm afraid, this one was part of a collab with Hello Kitty and even has adorable packaging. This shade is a dusky pink shade with violet tint to it.

Instigator (matte) - this was part of the peach trio I mentioned earlier but it doesn't appear to be sold as a single. This matte liquid lip is described as a muted peach but I would say its probably the brightest in the collection.

Chi (matte) - this was one of my first of the liquid lipsticks and a favourite still now. I do believe they did discontinue this for a while but its back on their website as it must have been so popular. Chi is a described as a cool-toned nude beige and it's definitely just that.

Screenshot (satin) - this is the third part of the peach trio and this one is available to purchase on its own. Screenshot is a dusky peach shade.

Donut (matte) - this is definitely the brightest shade in my collection and will come in handy for the summer months. Its a bright almost neon salmon shade.

My Jam (gloss) - these remind me so much of the Jouer Lip Toppers. This is a sheer nude gloss with a lovely gold shimmer to it, its great to use on its own or on top of a lipstick.  

In terms of finish the Ultra Mattes are just that and give an almost immediate all matte finish that can be somewhat drying. I like many others prefer the satin finish as its much more comfortable to wear and doesn't dry my lips as much. The glosses are thick and cover your lips well but not really sticky like others can be. I only have one of the metals but it can be worn lightly or built up for a more intense look.

The price point of these is so affordable at $6 and if you are ordering to the UK and factor in customs then they are around £6. This makes them around the drugstore price point and they really are amazing quality.

Do you own any of these Colourpop shades?



  1. I love the shades 'tiny chim' and 'chi' they look super lovely, they also look really pigmented.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. Looooove salt! I haven't really had much time to experiment with metallic lip shades but the swatches always want me to try them out!
    Kathy x

  3. THese are all so beautiful its hard to choose a favourite

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. speed dial and tiny chim are on my list to get! I'm literally so obsessed and jealous with your collection! I need to do another colourpop haul it seems! xx

  5. I can see why frick n frack is one of their bestsellers-- it's the first shade my eye was drawn to! My jam also looks sooo gorgeous. That's great that it's kinda like a dupe of the jouer lip toppers since it's so much cheaper.

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  6. I love echo park, satin is my favorite formulation from Colourpop.

    Instagram | Blog

  7. Some fab shades. I think I need more.

    Karen x
    JinksyBeauty x